September 06, 2009

More Than A Shadow of Doubt

This will probably get me condemned all over the blogosphere, but here goes: I have serious doubts about Tila Tequila's accusations against Shawne Merriman.

Yep, I said it, a woman claims to have been abused and I am questioning the veracity of her story. She just has so little credibility, and has shown a willingness to try ANYTHING to get press coverage in her quest for fame. If you are on Twitter you may very well have seen her tweets about a month ago (several in a dialog with @McCainBlogette) about having to deal with a "stalker", which got her no traction in the media. Before that she had the Playboy spread, the desperate for the spotlight reality shows...she started her 'career' by claiming the title of "most friended" on MySpace, mainly by being as provocative and sleazy as she could get away with on the site.

Now, not so long after a pop star was beaten by her boyfriend, leading to an outpouring of sympathy, support & good will (and the accompanying press) tiny little Tila claims that a mountain of a man, with no prior record of such behavior, snapped and choked her (and some other unclear bodily injury) at a party with other people in attendance. After said attack by the 6'4", 265 lb Merriman, she was OK to go to the police department to swear out a citizen arrest warrant (wouldn't she just file a complaint?)...before heading to the hospital. I really find it hard to believe she isn't seeking another moment in the spotlight - no matter who she needs to damage in the process.

Readers of this blog know how I feel about the thugs currently playing in the NFL, and Merriman had his issues with steroids in the past. You also know that I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence of any kind.

This story, however, seems a bit off - and I have a feeling that, like the Roethlisberger accusation earlier this year, there will be more to this story than she wants us to know.

Maybe it will turn out that she is telling the truth, and I will be apologizing down the road. Maybe she will learn that when you present a specific persona to the public, you shouldn't be surprised (or angry) when they believe it.

UPDATE: It appears that she did call 911 from his house and the police & an ambulance came. It also appears that, other than that detail, the facts are lining up much as I originally thought. The fact that she appears to have spent several days tweeting about a relationship that he doesn't seem to have been involved in (her tweets were suggestive & targeted, he doesn't appear to have answered in that time-frame) is a huge red flag. The fact that the police didn't feel the need to press charges and there were witnesses to back his story but not hers kind of puts a cap on it.

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September 03, 2009

For Future Sports Reference

Sports stats / NFL match-ups print sheet

(No, I have not regained any interest in the NFL - but every year D asks me for this site, and every year I have to search for it because I've forgotten the site name. I have apparently posted it here before, but without enough info to find it when I went searching through my posts tonight)

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September 01, 2009

Dining Deals

You heard me say it before; Arizona sports teams will break your heart. Fortunately, they can also help fill your belly.

Two of the deals we've been taking advantage of:

Taco Bell's Diamondbacks deal - If the Dbacks manage to score 6 runs, you can get 3 free tacos with the purchase of a drink the following day between 4 and 6 p.m.

Papa John's Cardinals deal - Monday nights, Papa John's sells a large pizza for $7.99. For every touchdown the Cards score, you get one topping free. Last night we got a large 5 topping pie for less than $9 . . . and it was mighty tasty :-)
[I believe that if the Cards actually manage to win, they double the number of free toppings - but what are the odds of that ;-) ]

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August 14, 2009

Something To Chew On

Tony Dungy has once again written in support of Michael Vick and his return to the NFL I am once again inspired to disagree.

Here are all the reasons I have seen offered for why we should accept Vick back in the NFL, and my reasons to disagree.
I may come back and update this list as I think about it more

He has shown repentance

Michael Vick may be repentant now, but he didn't choose to repent because he saw the error of his ways, he was forced to repent because he saw the erosion of his paycheck
When the dog fighting ring was discovered, he chose to continue lying and denying rather than face up to his mistake - that isn't repentance.
Vick seems willing to sign off on press releases & photo ops that show his manufactured remorse, but he has yet to show anything close to real regret over his actions - just over his being caught

He deserves forgiveness

Not my place, or yours, to 'forgive. The only ones who can do that are those he wronged; his family, friends, teammates, business associates.... Unfortunately, the dogs don't get a say - even the ones that survived.
Whether or not he is 'forgiven' has no bearing on whether or not he should be back in the spotlight of the most popular sport in the country.
One of Dungy's (and his commenters) arguments is that by bringing him back into the NFL, we are showing our kids that if they make a mistake, they will be punished but will be forgiven. Or perhaps we are showing people that if you are famous and/or rich, it doesn't matter how badly you screw up, you get to keep being famous & rich.

He paid his debt

Really? He did his time, but so what? I would posit that the damage he did to society was far greater than 18 months 'away from his family' (as Tony Dungy described it)
If he had slaughtered his family and served his sentence, would you suggest that, since he "paid his debt to society", there is no reason to keep him out of the NFL?
The fact that he served his time is not relevant, the fact that he is an especially evil man is.

He has a right to make a living

I am not suggesting he has no right to make a living, but that is a far cry from saying he has a right to be in the spotlight making millions. There are many other jobs he should be able to do with the skills, or lack thereof, that he has. Go make a living somewhere else.

He deserves a second chance

1) Why?
2) He's had that, and a third, and....he was trouble before the dog fighting came to light. He has proven himself to be more drama than he is worth time & again. But he should get another chance this time because he screwed up in such a heinous & public way? No. A transgression of this magnitude deserves to eliminate all future chances from the table.

Sports stars shouldn't be role models for your kids anyway

Perhaps they shouldn't - but they are. Every time you sit down to watch a game with your kids, you are saying that there is something special about those athletes. Every time they screw up, be it poor sportsmanship or drugs, the way you handle it, the way they are treated, and the consequences they face send a very clear message to your children.
The depth to which Vick has sunk is a depth we shouldn't have to explain to our kids.

It's not like he killed anyone

No, it isn't. What he did shows such a special level of depravity it should sicken you just to contemplate it.
He didn't "make a mistake", he didn't "show poor judgement". He, over the course of many years, chose to actively participate in a 'sport' whose sole purpose is the brutal, violent, grotesquely gruesome death of one or more of the 'contestants' The training is equally cruel and depraved. The fact that under performing dog are sacrificed would be bad enough, but the methods used to put the dogs down also showed how sick and twisted are the minds of those involved - beating, burning, electrocution...but drawn out, so they died slowly and learned their lesson and served as a motivation to the other dogs. Because there was actually some belief that the other dogs were watching and thinking, "gosh, I better fight harder so that doesn't happen to me"? No, because the humans involved were watching it and getting some sick satisfaction. You have to have unbelievable evil in your heart to find enjoyment in such a sport, particularly when you're involved so deeply in the operation.
This wasn't a crime of passion or a short-term misstep, this was a pattern of behavior exposed by the length and heinousness of the offense.

Donte Stallworth

When I first heard of Stallworth killing a pedestrian, I was up in arms and calling for his head. Then I heard the details.

As I understand it, he:
* Was drinking the night before, knew he was impaired & got a ride home.
* Got up the next morning & got a ride back to his car, assuming he had slept it off.
* Struck a pedestrian who stepped in front of his vehicle and who, according to police reports, was at fault and probably would have been hit if Stallworth was stone cold sober.
* Stopped his car, called the police & waited till they arrived.
* Cooperated completely from the get go, accepted responsibility and agreed to a settlement with the courts & the family.
* Served his time, therefore "paying his debt to society"
* Has lost his ability to drive, forever.
* Has lost his ability "to make a living" in the NFL for at least the next year.

Donte Stallworth is an example of actually making a mistake. And, when he made his mistake, he didn't try to cover up or lie his way out. He manned up.

Michael Vick may know a lot about being a warped, cliched version of telenovella macho, but he has no clue about true masculinity or being a real man.

I was disgusted enough when Goodell approved his return, but I had hoped that the teams would have more sense than he (something I keep hoping for with the NBA and Stern) Unfortunately, the Eagles have proven me wrong, and some of the players & coaches I used to respect have come forward to say they agree with that decision. It has been hard to embrace the NFL for years, knowing how they embrace thugs in their midst, but I loved the game enough to grit my teeth and keep following. This seems to be the last straw for me - and, judging from Twitter, many others as well.

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April 12, 2009

Masters Scoring

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April 09, 2009

iGolf GPS Review

I bought this for D, and worried that he would want a model with more bells & whistles (i.e. color display) I needn't have worried, this is the perfect product for him. Here is his review:

"I am thrilled with my iGolf Neo. I have owned it for over a month and it has exceeded all my expectations!

Size: It easily fits in my pocket, or securely rests in various locations in any riding cart.

Ease of operation: It is very simple to get yardages to front/center/back of green. If you know general pin placement, all that is left is hitting the proper club. The "shot" button is very cool when tracking your distances hit, so you can dial in all your clubs. Push it once from where you hit and again when you get to your ball - the Neo shows you exactly how far you hit it.The Neo covers points on holes (bunkers, creeks, water, etc) but also allows you to add points very easily or completely map the hole the way you want.

The biggest surprise for me is the power source. The battery life on this little gem is unreal! I walked 4 holes after first receiving my Neo just to check how accurate the yardages were and how many "points" were included per hole. Basically, just learning how it worked, I then played 6 rounds of golf without recharging the unit. After all of that, the battery indicator still showed 35% of it's life left. The higher priced competitors use 2-4 AA batteries and you're lucky to get a couple of rounds out of them before needing more batteries.

I have wanted a golf GPS for years but didn't want to spend $300+ and I was a skeptic (and somewhat apprehensive) about the Neo. Don't be, buy yourself a Neo! It makes the game much more enjoyable, much quicker (you don't spend time looking for yardage markers) - and you will be a better golfer. I am a bogey golfer and shot a 79 the second round I played with my Neo. What are you waiting for?"

I loaded the software and downloaded the courses for him. The initial set-up was a breeze, as was the downloading (though I would like to be able to select courses and put them in a 'shopping cart' to download all at once) I had a bit of a glitch when trying to get the courses onto his Neo at first, apparently due to an interrupted transfer. Whatever went wrong created a roadblock and I fought with the process for quite awhile before simply wiping everything out and starting over. Since then it has all been a piece of cake; quick & easy.

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November 24, 2008

Football 08 - Week 12

I haven't been as into posting my picks the last couple of years. It just really became much too complicated for me to do quickly/easily once D was including against the spread and over/unders, and I was always below 50%. My record stayed just about as miserable as in past seasons, however, whether you saw it here or not.

This week was a fluke of the best kind for me, spurred on by my Raiders managing a win. Against Denver. In Denver.

My record this week - and I am going to tout it for all it is worth - 11-4. (Really thought San Diego would get that one)

Yeah, I rock...when I get very, very lucky :-D

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October 19, 2008

Sports Sunday

Tampa Bay wins!

Both of 'em!

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October 18, 2008

Football - Week 7

Live blogging the morning games evening game may or may not happen in the extended entry....

Nope, didn't happen - one of these times, I promise I hope.

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October 16, 2008

What The Frakk?!

Are you kidding me with this? Delaying a potential World Series game because the Obamessiah decided that's when he wants to "speak to the voters"?


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October 11, 2008

Patriots at Chargers

I may give this live blogging thing a try, simply because I think D's commentary during sporting events needs to be shared with the world.

We won't be watching the day games together (he and D jr will be at the Cardinals/Cowboys game) but we will be tuned in for the NE/SD game. If we are at home, I'll be live blogging his comments. If we are out enjoying the game with some fine hot wings, you'll have to wait for another time to partake of his wit.

I got it all set up, just in case:

Deleted the blog, since there was no actual content. Thanks for looking.

BTW: My typing sucks on a regular keyboard. Trying to get my point across quickly via my laptop may prove to be quite comical.

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September 23, 2008


D took D jr to see the ASU / Georgia game last weekend.

The game was not good for Sun Devil fans, but it wasn't a total loss.

Look who he got to meet....

Herschel Walker

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September 02, 2008

Attack of the 80's Hair

Sarah Palin (Heath) - Sportscaster

How cute is she? Even with those peacock bangs :-)

Not that I have any room to talk - I had some high hair myself, and in my passport photo, no less.

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August 06, 2008

Not Fond of Favre

I have been meaning to post on the ongoing Favre saga but haven't had the time to get it all out.

For now, I will just point you to this Yahoo! Sports article by Michael Silver which covers a lot.

Favre to blame for nasty divorce

UPDATE: Dang it, I used to like the Jets

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June 16, 2008

Must See TV

Now THAT was some golf!

Tiger wins, but Rocco made him work for it.


p.s. Could Tiger's daughter be any cuter? Oh my goodness, she is a doll - and completely attached to her daddy. So sweet.

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June 09, 2008

Is Stern Still Standing By His Refs?

I don't even like the Lakers - in fact, they are in my bottom 5 teams. Boston is not in my top 5, but I was hoping they would win.

Even I was bothered by the lopsided officiating in last night's game.

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June 04, 2008

Power Play

I don't know much about hockey.

I do know that the last 2 minutes of the Stanley Cup Finals were rockin'!

BTW: That makes 11 times the Red Wings have hoisted that trophey.

P.S. Hockey players are very fuzzy.

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June 03, 2008

Go, Devils

Arizona's pro teams may not know how to bring it home, but our collegiate girls seem to have it locked down.

Two years running, the U of A Wildcats won the National Title - this year the ASU Sun Devils took a turn. Convincingly, too. I think the A & M girls were just begging for the beating to stop.

Arizona State's 11-0 victory to win the WCWS is easily the largest margin of victory in a shutout in a WCWS clinching game.
photo of M. Cowles,

It was an amazing team effort, but you've got to hand it to number 22, Mindy Cowles, who leaves this year as the school's all-time home run leader. She even went ahead and hit a three-run shot today.

She may be just 5' 4", she can still crank that bat with some power.

I said it about the Wildcats last year, it is true of our Devils, too - darn good looking team.

Side note: at ASU, the softball players are better looking than the cheerleaders - back when they had cheerleaders

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May 10, 2008


So, Mike D'Antoni is leaving the desert to coach the Knicks. Four years, $24 million - more power to him.

Considering the Knicks horrendous record this past season, he almost can't fail. They are bound to show improvement, and he will look like a genius - just like when he came to the Suns.

I'm glad he got a good deal, I hope it works out for him. Truth is, I will probably miss him, despite the lack of post-season glory. He brought us a style of basketball which, when combined with Steve Nash, was fun to watch. It was a true team sport (if that team didn't have any players on the bench), it was fast, it was exciting.

True, he had no defense. He didn't seem to hold players accountable. He had a short memory for when a player went cold and would continue to play him, despite having a pretty decent line up of bench players. He needed to work on some things and seemed completely closed off to constructive criticism. Perhaps our new coach will alleviate those problems.

But, I doubt it will be as much fun to watch.

Basketball is about entertainment and with the Suns the last few years, I have been reintroduced to a sport I loved as a child growing up around the corner from Alvan Adams*. And I have been heart-broken. And excited. And frustrated.

But always entertained.

* I also share my birthday with and the Suns, we go way back. ;-)

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May 03, 2008

Eight Belles - R.I.P.

Why I hate horse racing.

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April 22, 2008

Arizona Sports Teams

..will break your heart.

Every time.

more. more. more. more.

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April 13, 2008

We're Number 4! made a list of the cities that suffer the most sports misery - and we couldn't even win that.

Still, at number four, there is lots to whine about. I've said it many times, Arizona sports teams will break your heart. Well, not the Cardinals - no one ever expects them to go anywhere. The other teams, however, play well enough to get your hopes up . . . and then they crash and burn.

Here is their list of why we are considered a Miserable Sports City:

4. Phoenix, Ariz.

Teams: Cardinals (NFL), Diamondbacks (MLB), Suns (NBA), Coyotes (NHL)

  • Title round record: 1-2 (21st)
  • Semifinal round record: 3-7 (25th)
  • Total seasons/early playoff-round exits (or baseball 2nd place): 82/28 (23rd)
  • Total seasons/championships: 82/1 (22nd)
  • Years since last title: 7 (8th)
  • Teams lost: 0
The Suns have lost six times in the NBA's Western Conference finals, and twice in the NBA finals, without a ring

Once again, the Diamondbacks are setting us up to believe...I'm trying really hard not to fall for it.

Don't even get me started on the Suns.......

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February 04, 2008

Why I Am Glad The Giants Won

My list, in no particular order:

  • I have disliked the Patriots since the '80s. The only time I want them to win is when they play a team I dislike more.

  • I generally pick the New York teams, unless they are playing a team I like more.

  • We can finally stop talking about the Pats 'perfect' season. Though, I agree with D about Mercury Morris, and think he is irritating and should not be a spokesman for Miami's perfect season.

  • Randy Moss is a loser. The only way having his team lose could have made me happier, is if they had a chance to win and he dropped the pass in the end zone. Forever branded as the guy who cost 'em the big game - I would have loved that.

  • Michael Strahan got his ring. (Though I do feel bad for Seau)

  • I won my bets except the total score. (Who'd have thought these two teams, playing in the ideal conditions of a domed stadium, would only put 31 points on the board?)

  • Just about everyone was pulling for the Giants at the Super Bowl party we attended, making for a loud and exciting win.

  • Brady, Moss, et alia will associate Glendale (and UoP Stadium) with the big loss for years to come.

  • The play. Manning somehow slips out of the grasp and throws down field to Tyree who sacrifices his body and defies physics to make the grab. Unbelievable and amazing.

  • Jordin Sparks is adorable. Her father, besides playing for the National Champion Glendale Community College football team, played for the New York Giants. It is fitting that the Giants would win in Glendale when Jordin sang the National Anthem.

  • Plaxico's prediction. When Burress suggested the Giants would win with a final score of 24-17, he was chastised by the media for a boast that would surely get the Patriots fired up, ensuring the loss NY would inevitably suffer to be especially humiliating. Tom Brady said something along the lines of "Oh, he thinks we will only score 17 points?" Turns out they couldn't even score 17 and Plax's prediction was as close to perfect as New England's season - missed it by that much.

I'm sure there will be more that come to me.....

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February 02, 2008


I love football.

I am sad that there is only one more game this season.

But...I am so glad that it is almost over.

I live in west Phoenix, D lives west of the stadium, which means I drive past it almost every day. I can't wait for life (and traffic) to get back to normal. Not to mention getting our local news reporting back to something other than which celebrities are at which "hot spot" and how we mere mortals can meet them. Oh, puh-leeze!

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January 13, 2008

Fixed Outcome

I think that San Diego has a good case to go to the NFL and request an investigation into the refs calling this game. We assumed that Indy would win, but the refs are trying their best to ensure it.

Horrifyingly bad calls.

Do you suppose that this NFL crew were betting along with the NBA refs?

UPDATE: Just reading the glog on CBS sports, seems we are not the only ones feeling that way.

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December 02, 2007

ASU vs UofA

The battle for the Territorial Cup became a battle of receivers. Both quarterbacks were terrible, but ASU had receivers who were able to turn some really ugly passes into some really impressive catches. Several would-be (should-be) interceptions were dropped.

Carpenter just got luckier than Tuitama. Which works for me 'cause I'm an ASU girl.

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November 11, 2007

Record Setting

I am not a big fan of either San Diego or Indianapolis, but this sure was not the game I expected to see.
Peyton Manning set a new Colts record, throwing 6 interceptions in a single game. San Diego ran back two kicks for touchdowns. The Colts recovered a fumble in the end zone for a score. Vinatieri missed two field goals.
Unbelievably weird game.

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October 26, 2007

For Future Reference

Since it took me weeks to remember this URL:

Comprehensive sports statistics,

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October 14, 2007

Job Opportunity

Rumor has it that, with Warner injured and Rattay stinking up the place, the Arizona Cardinals will be holding open tryouts to fill the quarterback position.

Well, that's what I think they should do.

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September 24, 2007

For Cardinals Fans

Matt Leinart may be bad

but at least he isn't Rex Grossman bad.

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September 23, 2007

No Longer Winless

The Raiders actually won today!

They didn't cover the point spread, winning by only 2 points, but I will take it just the same.

Oh, and the Cardinals didn't look hideous, at least once they took Leinart out. Unfortunately, they waited a bit too long so they still lost - but for a while there, Kurt Warner was making the Ravens defense look pretty pathetic.

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September 08, 2007

Let The Games Begin

My Raiders are actually favored to win - wow, Detroit must really suck.

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September 05, 2007

Bad News/Good News

First the bad news - temperatures are going down. It hasn't even reach 100° today. Summer is on it's way out and the cold weather is just around the corner.

Now the good news - football season! I thought I had to wait until Sunday for the first game, but D just informed me that we do, indeed, have Thursday night football to look forward to. Woo hoo. Sure, my team sucks, and the NFL has some serious issues with players' behavior - but it is still a great game.

Are you ready for some football?

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June 06, 2007

Kickin' Tail

Congratulations to the ladies from U of A, back to back national championships! This was their 8th National title in 12 appearances, and their third back-to-back championship win.

Though the winning run in game two was controversial, they put any questions to rest with their convincing 5-0 run tonight. U of A's Taryn Mowatt pitched 17 shut-out innings (10 last night, 7 tonight). Way to go, girls!

At the risk of offending feminists everywhere, I also have to add that this series featured some of the hottest female collegiate athletes I have ever seen. Not just U of A, though I think they were the best looking overall, Tennessee had some real cuties, as well.

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May 03, 2007

Suns Win

In honor of the Lakers, who were dismissed from the NBA playoffs by the Suns Tuesday night.

The Weepies - Not Your Year

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April 30, 2007

Draft Report

According to the Yahoo! sports guy, the Raiders get an A for their draft picks this year. The only team he scores higher is New England, with an A+.

The Patriots took Randy Moss off our hands and I say good riddance. He should have been a perfect fit for Oakland but didn't seem willing to break a sweat - or maybe he was worried about breaking a nail. Either way, he rarely seemed willing to put forth any effort. I have no need for lazy, prima donna players on my team.

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April 28, 2007

We're Number One!

Of course, when it comes to the NFL draft, that means we SUCKED worse than anyone else last year.

My Raiders took JaMarcus Russell with their number one pick.

    Is he going to be any help at all?

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March 15, 2007

March Madness

For those who might be is my bracket.

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December 19, 2006

"What Fun It Is To Watch The Suns"

The Suns set a franchise record (15 wins in a row), and gave the fans a corny Christmas carol (leave the sound on, don't "skip intro").

I told you it was corny......

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November 28, 2006


This is . . . odd.
Mom, Sis, don't click on it - please.

I guess it would be less disturbing if the vocals were done by a female...but just barely.

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Out Of Bounds

I know the Cardinals have plenty of real problems, but I just have to ask.

Do their cheerleaders go to the worst plastic surgeons they can find for augmentation? Seriously, those are some of the worst looking boob jobs I have ever seen.

No, not all of them. Some of those might actually be real - but the ones that are fake are REALLY fake

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November 09, 2006

Forgot to Mention

The "DBacks" new uniforms are ugly.

That is all.

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October 22, 2006

Esteem Builders

Apparently, when life is not going so well and you need a pick up, all you have to do is play the Cardinals.

The only team without a win on the season, my beloved Raiders, spanked 'em. Tragic.

It looks to me like Randy Moss has lost his edge. There was a time when he always put forth that extra effort, get the ball anywhere near him and he would own it. Now it most often looks as if he is just phoning in his performance. He can't be bothered to sprint full out, doesn't even seem to think about stretching or reaching for a ball, and regularly drops balls that are right in his hands. I miss the old days of washed up players coming to the Raiders and getting their second wind, not coming there to fizzle out.

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October 15, 2006

Against My Own Team

OK, you all know I love the Raiders - and we all know they suck (even more than normal) this year.

Tonight is NOT the night for them to show up. I need them to a lot.

All you Broncos fans out there, send them your positive mojo and I'll be a happy camper.

UPDATE: Unbelievable! Since when does Shanahan not run up the score against Oakland? Why would he not play more aggressively, especially at home? ONE touchdown?!?! At home?!?! Unreal.

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October 02, 2006

FOOTBALL 06 - Week 4

I think I lost a day last week, I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday. That may be a contributing factor to me completely neglecting to make any picks.

{ { sigh } }

Tonight, I like Green Bay. I'm not sure they'll win, but I like them.

Of course, I like Philly a lot more now that TO has moved to Dallas - a team I already disliked.

Of yesterdays games that I know how I would have picked, I got 5 right. There are a couple I could have gone either way on, and the rest I would have been wrong. So, I can't claim better than 39% this week......

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September 27, 2006

T.O. O.D.s

He may be one of my least favorite athletes, but it is a shame to see this happen.

Terrell Owens attempts suicide.

UPDATE: Perhaps he just isn't very bright....

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September 23, 2006

FOOTBALL 06 - Week 3

Well, for the past two weeks I strayed from my usual system of picks, trying instead to go with the stats and the odds makers - and I am at a pathetic 56.3%. Ouch.

I am going back to my emotional picks - at least if I am going to lose, it will be with some teams I like.

UPDATE: Wow - could I have done any worse. Not even 43% this week. There were a couple of mistakes I made because I was in a hurry.

I almost always go with Cinncinati, but for some reason I just had Polomalu on the brain and went with the Steelers. By the time I realized my mistake (Rothlisberger is a pin head, Palmer I like) the game had started. It was still early, but I felt changing my pick at that point would be cheating.

I didn't realize it was the first game back in the Superdome. If that isn't huge homefield advantage, nothing is.

My picks are underlined
Favorites have an *, two-digit favorites have two **
* Carolina Tampa Bay
* Chicago Minnesota
Cincinnati * Pittsburgh
Green Bay * Detroit
Jacksonville * Indianapolis
N.Y. Jets * Buffalo
Tennessee * * Miami
* Washington Houston
* Baltimore Cleveland
N.Y. Giants * Seattle
* Philadelphia San Francisco
St. Louis * Arizona
Denver * New England
* Atlanta New Orleans

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September 17, 2006

FOOTBALL 06 - Week 2

Well, we all got our picks done and I entered them in the database - but I haven't written the code to display them, yet.

Things you can count on; She always picks the Raiders, He always gets more right than her, Jr always picks TO's team (currently the Cowboys).

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September 13, 2006

Stadium Patch

Well, since I didn't get the answer from you guys, I went straight to the source. I emailed the Cardinals office to find out why they had that stupid patch on their jerseys - and they actually answered:

The patch was worn during the preseason and for the first regular season game at Cardinals Stadium. They will not wear it for the remainder of the season.

Thank you!

OK, that isn't really much of an answer, at least not to the question which was WHY they were wearing the patch. I guess I will settle for knowing that they won't be wearing it anymore :-)

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September 12, 2006

Oh, The Shame

I still love 'em, I am still a Raider girl, but......


While I am discussing it - why why why why why would they not kick the field goal at the end of the game? Janikowski is money in the bank, almost guaranteed 3 points, especially from that distance. They weren't going to win, even if they got a touchdown, but they could have avoided the shutout. They hadn't been shut out at home for over 20 years, they hadn't been shut out by San Diego in over 40 years. What, exactly, is the point of allowing yourself to end the game with a big fat ZERO?

OK, that's it - no more soda for me until they win. That should be plenty long enough for me to kick the habit!

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September 09, 2006

FOOTBALL 06 - Week 1

Yep, it is time to start posting those picks again. I am going to try and get even more detailed this year - picks will be; straight up, against the spread, and over under. All games will have picks, but we are highlighting those we feel very strongly about with three that we would bet, and one that is our "lock" of the week.

Last year saw SG at 63.2% straight up to my 47.7%. His picks ATS came in at 53.3%. This new set up is bound to allow him to kick my tail even more convincingly this year.....

Away Home Home Team
Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers -5 39 o ~ u
Baltimore Ravens Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3 34 o ~ u
Buffalo Bills New England Patriots -10 41 o ~ u
Cincinnati Bengals Kansas City Chiefs -1 47˝ o ~ u
Denver Broncos St. Louis Rams 4 46 o ~ u
New Orleans Saints Cleveland Browns -3 37 o ~ u
New York Jets Tennessee Titans -3 35˝ o ~ u
Philadelphia Eagles Houston Texans 6 37 o ~ u
Seattle Seahawks Detroit Lions +6˝ 45 o ~ u
Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers 4 35 o ~ u
Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars -1 36˝ o ~ u
San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals -7˝ 42˝ o ~ u
Indianapolis Colts New York Giants +3˝ 48 o ~ u
Minnesota Vikings Washington Redskins -4 35 o ~ u
San Diego Chargers Oakland Raiders 3 43 o ~ u

Week 1 Straight Up ATS Over/Under
His 68.8% 62.5% 31.3%
Hers 56.3% n/a 60.0%

His lock of the week: Patriots - 100%
Her lock of the week: Rams - 100%

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Testing The Scoreboard

Apparently, you have to click "setup", then you can choose which sport you want scores! Wish I could ensure it defaulted to NFL, though.

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September 07, 2006


Both votes go for Pittsburgh tonight, though I think he is a bit more sure than I am.

UPDATE: We both win. Woo Hoo, I'm at 100% for the season!

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August 28, 2006

Close To Their Hearts

I haven't been paying much attention to the Cardinals this year - why break with tradition. I did notice, however, that they have an image of the new stadium on their jerseys.

Can anyone tell me why?

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July 17, 2006

Boom Boom Club

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip up to Prescott to visit this shop - now I am a gun owner (some might call it a canon).

The first range we took it to was Shooters World; conveniently close to work, air-conditioned indoor range. At $13 per hour (or portion thereof) it is a bit pricey, though. Also, though they may be watching through the windows, there aren't many employees on the firing line with the customers. If you need help or instruction you are on your own - though you may be able to get it in a class for a fee. It was a very humbling experience shooting at targets on a range, seeing how inaccurate I was at the various distances.

Yesterday we went to Ben Avery - what a difference. $5 gets you a whole day of shooting, or as much of it as you can take...we made it about 3 hours. There are an abundance of safety officers on the line, all quite friendly and open to questions. From that humbling experience at Shooters World, I was feeling pretty bad about my skills. I grabbed one of the range volunteers and told him I needed help - he gave me two tips and I hit just on the edge of the bullseye with my first shot. I emptied the whole clip in a 5-7 inch group. Wow - I was amazed :-) Now, that was sitting down and at a target 5 yards away. I didn't do quite as well standing up or at a longer distance, but I did SO MUCH better than I had been doing.
The boyfriend and his buddy had their hunting rifles, which one of the range workers sited in for them...quickly and for free.

A great way to, as Len says, "turn money into noise" - in my case just shy of 200 rounds and the range fee.....about $30 all together.

BTW: Forgot to mention that they carded me when I went to buy ammo. My birthday on Wednesday is decades away from the ammo buying threshold, so I thanked him profusely for making my day :-)

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June 04, 2006

Say It Ain't So, Steve

I just couldn't handle it if this were true - one of my favorite athletes, the one who brought me back to Suns basketball, a low-down, dirty, cheating pig?!? No, No, No!!!

I am going to go with her denial for now ("110% not true")- 'cause I don't want to give up my team. Bad enough they lost the game last night, but to have the guy I thought brought a little stability and class to the team turn out to be just another adolescent with too much cash and too little impulse control would SUCK.

Maybe people are confused because his wife is a cute little Latina and they mistook her for Furtado? Maybe? Please?

UPDATE 6/6: Steve Nash has issued his denial, and says he only met Furtado once, with his wife, when she performed at his charity gig. I would link the denial if I could, but I can't find it online. I am going to believe him on this one.

Because I want to, and because I have no reason not to - all his other off court behavior (at least what I've heard about) seems to be above board and classy.

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June 03, 2006

On The Line

Tim Thomas puts it away - from
Suns 101, Mavs 117


Field Goals
Suns 45.6%
Mavericks 47.2%

Three Pointers
Suns 41.7%
Mavericks 52.9%

Free Throws
Suns 95.0% (19/20)
Mavericks 85.7% (24/28)

Well, we got our free throw percentage back, for all the good it did - of course, they pulled their percentage up, as well.

What a bunch of bogus calls in the last game. I wish the refs would just let them play but, barring that, at least be consistent. How can something not be a foul in one quarter, or on one end of the court, or from one player - but be one in the same situation later? Then, the next time it's not?

And don't get me started on Cuban - what a jerk! I wish he would send in that clip, since it shows Griffin mauling Marion, not Marion throwing an elbow.

Suns are favored by 1 tonight - I hope they can get a more convincing win than that. We'll see.


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May 31, 2006

All Tied Up

Now THAT'S more like it!

Steve Nash shows his mood - from Suns.comSuns 106, Mavs 86


Field Goals
Suns 54.4%
Mavericks 41.8%

Three Pointers
Suns 46.7%
Mavericks 30.8%

Free Throws
Suns 61.9% (13/21)
Mavericks 72.7% (16/22)

Once again, though, our free throw percentage is atrocious! The best free throw shooting team in the league in the regular season, 62% in this game. Argh! We did manage to hang on to the ball a little better, ending up with half as many turnovers as the Mavs.

Loved seeing the team so upbeat, and the crowd right up there with them. It would be great to go and win the next one in Texas - and it would upset the odds makers who are giving Dallas a 7 point edge.


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May 29, 2006

Down By One

Tim Thomas gets mugged - from Suns.comSuns 88, Mavs 95


Field Goals
Suns 42.7%
Mavericks 41.1%

Three Pointers
Suns 36.8%
Mavericks 26.7%

Free Throws
Suns 84.6% (11/13)
Mavericks 75.6% (13/17)

Wow, those are not playoff numbers for either team. Ouch!

I do wish D'Antoni would go a bit deeper on the bench. I know we are plagued by injuries, and I know that the starting line-up is rocking, but they just can't play that many minutes without it running them down. He seems willing to give House court time (and he is no great shakes in this post season) why not let Burke, Grant, and Tskitishvili mix it up? At the very least, it would allow our stars to catch their breath.

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May 27, 2006

One & One

Nash getting some altitude - from Suns.comSuns 98, Mavs 105


Field Goals
Suns 44.9%
Mavericks 47.5%

Three Pointers
Suns 43.5%
Mavericks 36.4%

Free Throws
Suns 72.7% (8/11)
Mavericks 69.4% (25/36)

Ouch - the numbers say it all. We missed the shots. Nash was playing a lot better than his numbers show, however. He got the ball to the rest of the team when they had wide open shots - but just couldn't get them to go down.

Once again I have to say the officiating sucks, and has through the whole post season, not just in the Suns games but across the board. There were so many bad calls; some in our favor, mostly not. You know that when one team is shooting 36 free throws and the other is shooting 11 there is some inconsistency in the foul calls. It almost seems as though the officials were told to make sure the Mavs didn't lose at home again. Even so, I think we could have pulled it out if we were on, but shooting less than 45% ain't gonna do it.

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May 25, 2006

That's One

Nash strikes again - from Suns.comSuns 121, Mavs 118


Field Goals
Suns 55.3%
Mavericks 50.5%

Three Pointers
Suns 33.3%
Mavericks 18.8%

Free Throws
Suns 75.9%
Mavericks 91.3%

The Suns were only 75% from the free throw line? What is up with that?
Diaw with 34 points, Marion with 24 - Woo hoo! Nash 27 points & 16 assists - yowsa!

Bell with a torn or strained calf - dammit. Last I heard, he will be out for 5-7 days.

BTW: You can dress up your computer with some Suns wallpaper. I mean, not that I would do anything like that.....

OK, I actually put my own Suns wallpaper together a couple of weeks ago. I'm a fan, what can I say.

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May 23, 2006

Clipper ElimiNation

Tim Thomas & Raja Bell photo from
How sweet it is to win back-to-back Game 7's against a team from Los Angeles.

I found that caption with the image above on the Suns website. Interestingly, that picture is from earlier in the game when the Suns got hit with a VERY bad call - Cassell ran over Bell, yet they called the foul on us. He was, understandably, upset and arguing the call - and Tim Thomas came in to calm him down. Guess their caption is more upbeat ;-) (Found it with the correct info, and here is a shot of Bell after Cassell knocked him to the ground)

Steve Nash photo from Suns.comTim Thomas photo from

The gang was definitely firing on all burners, despite the fact that the Clippers played a great game and Elton Brand was once again scoring pretty much at will (61%).

The stats were:

Field Goals
Clippers 52.6%
Suns 60.0%

Three Pointers
Clippers .0% (OK, that is really bad)
Suns 55.6%

Free Throws
Clippers 96.2% (25/26)
Suns 84.2% (16/19)

Round 3 here we come!

UPDATE: Doesn't it look like Maggette is attempting a trip here?

BTW: I also was glad to see the Dallas Mavericks advance, despite the fact that I dislike them (or their owner anyway) a great deal. I just dislike the Spurs (mostly Ginobli and Parker) even more.

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May 11, 2006

Suns Game


I didn't really watch much of this one, but I know they lost pretty convincingly. Maybe it's my fault, if I had been glued to the screen bouncing around like I normally do, they would have won like they normally do.

Or maybe not

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May 09, 2006

MVP All The Way

The Suns continue to be just incredible to watch. Such a great TEAM, such effective players. We have so many scorers, and so many 3 shooters, it just isn't even fair. You can't argue that Steve Nash is the man, but one of the things that makes him great is the team dynamic. Barbosa and Diaw have really stepped up, Marion continues to be the go to guy (despite my trepidation at his past his post season performance), Tim Thomas is just a gift (what were the Bulls thinking?), gotta love Bell... The bench is so strong, with the only big albatross in the line-up being Eddie House. Argh!

The Clippers played great, shooting 60% for 123 points. Their star player, Elton Brand, hit nearly 90% of his shots for 40 points (he was scoring at will, we had no way to stop him). That is a winning game!

Unless you are playing the Suns. The Suns can shoot at only 55% and still outscore you by 7. Ouch.

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March 24, 2006


Scott Adams isn't always funny - sometimes he can be downright poignant

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March 19, 2006

March Madness

In the past, March Madness basically passed me by. It was just another excuse for retail establishments to have sales.

Last year I watched a couple of games with SG, but, since I had no horse in the race, I didn't really get into it. This year, however, I set up a bracket. Now I am all riled up - just silly. You should see me watching the games that have been far too close and threatened to bust my bracket.
Luckily, my bracket remains intact - and my pick percentage is at 69%.

Here are my choices, if you are interested.

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March 18, 2006

Flaw In That Plan

I entered an online contest to pick the perfect bracket in the NCAA tournament (my picks were not perfect, but I am still doing OK) After I filled out the form, I received a confirmation email to the email address I signed up with. So far, so good.

They are awarding points based on correct picks along the way, so I tried to log back in to see my picks - they even have a link for that "Click here to see your picks" However, when I try to log in they say that the email address does not exist in their system. I went back and checked my confirmation - even copied and pasted the address from it - still says I don't exist.

So I sent them an email asking why my account had disappeared and explaining how I was unable to log in. I also asked if they thought it was a good introduction to their service (it is sponsored by an online gambling site) to just lose a customers account. I got a reply:

We are having difficulty finding your account. Please reply to this e-mail including your full name and customer ID number (which appears on your grey betting ticket underneath your name when you log into your account). Once we have received this information, we will be able to help you with your contest query.
The emphasis is mine, because they obviously don't see the glaring problem with my fulfilling that request.......

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February 06, 2006

Super Ads

Just a quick thought on the Super Bowl ads -

The companies are spending millions for production and air time, and the best Pepsi has to offer is "Brown and Bubbly".
That's their new slogan? Brown & Bubbly!?!?


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February 04, 2006


Tough Super Bowl for me. I can't stand Pennsylvania teams (long, sordid, boring story). I don't care for the Seahawks too much, either.

However, I love Troy Polamalu - despite his playing for USC. He is such fun to watch. He puts so much into the game and he seems to have some mastery of physics that allows him to cover large areas of the field at once. The guy comes out of nowhere. He also seems to be enjoying himself, as if he knows it is a game and that he is fortunate to be getting paid to play. He and Steve Nash are my favorite athletes right now for the same reasons - but they both need to get their hair cut.

Also adding to the mix, the Seahawks are my oldest brother's favorite team. It's always fun to have someone to taunt for the big game.

So I am going with the Steelers. 34-21.
Don't like my pick? Mike did a very detailed breakdown and came to the same conclusion.

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January 28, 2006

The Horror

No football this weekend

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January 26, 2006

Poetry In Motion

Sooo much fun to watch Steve Nash on the court!

He is just phenomenal.

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January 24, 2006

Show Me The Money

I have a general sports question that was spurred by the recent 5 game suspension of Antonio Davis. It was reported that he would lose $600,000 ($120,000 per game!) - where does that money go?

Does the team get to keep it?
Does it go to some sort of NBA general fund?

Same with these situations in the NFL, NHL, MLB.....

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January 22, 2006

FOOTBALL - Conference Championships

Road Home
AFC Pittsburgh Denver
NFC Carolina Seattle

Disclaimer: If any of you were thinking of picking the underdogs this week, you may want to note that I have picked them - and my record this year is a stunning 47.7%. I'm just sayin'...

UPDATE: Jake Plummer played exactly as I expected - so Denver lost. Jake Delhomme didn't play like I expected at all - and so Carolina lost. Carolina looked like they couldn't have won a college game. What is up with that after the last two weeks of domination?

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January 14, 2006

FOOTBALL - Div Playoffs

Looks like I am pulling for the underdogs this week:

Road Home
Washington Seattle
New England Denver
Pittsburgh Indianapolis
Carolina Chicago

UPDATE: 0 for 3 so far - I am good.

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January 07, 2006

Football - Wild Card

Down to the wire, and no Raiders....

Oh well, there's always next year

Road Home
Washington Tampa Bay
Jacksonville New England
Carolina N.Y. Giants
Pittsburgh Cincinnati

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December 31, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 17

Not that many of the games really matter this week...

One of my best weeks ever - 11 of 16 :-)

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Denver San Diego
N.Y. Giants Oakland
Arizona Indianapolis 705
Baltimore Cleveland 709
Buffalo N.Y. Jets 712
Carolina Atlanta 704
Cincinnati Kansas City 710
Detroit Pittsburgh 707
Miami New England 711
New Orleans Tampa Bay 708
Seattle Green Bay 713
Houston San Francisco 716
Tennessee Jacksonville 715
Chicago Minnesota 706
Washington Philadelphia 714
St. Louis Dallas

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December 23, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 16

I'm not even at 50% this year ~

>New England -6
Road Home Sunday Ticket
Atlanta Tampa Bay -3 712
Buffalo Cincinnati -14 704
Dallas Carolina -5 709
Detroit +3 New Orleans 710
Jacksonville Houston +6 706
N.Y. Giants Washington -3 713
Pittsburgh -7 Cleveland 705
San Diego -1 Kansas City 707
San Francisco +9 St. Louis 711
Tennessee +6 Miami 708
Philadelphia +1 Arizona 716
Indianapolis Seattle -10 715
Oakland +13½ Denver 714
Chicago -7 Green Bay
Minnesota Baltimore -3
N.Y. Jets

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December 16, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 15

And the winners might be....

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Tampa Bay New England -6
Kansas City +3 N.Y. Giants
Denver -9 Buffalo
Arizona -2 Houston 704
Carolina New Orleans +9½ 706
N.Y. Jets +9 Miami 710
Philadelphia +3½ St. Louis 712
Pittsburgh Minnesota +3 711
San Diego +7 Indianapolis 709
Seattle -7 Tennessee 707
San Francisco +16 Jacksonville 705
Cincinnati -8 Detroit 713
Cleveland +3 Oakland 714
Dallas +3 Washington 708
Atlanta Chicago -3
Green Bay Baltimore -3½

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December 09, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 14

Almost forgot to post these......

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Chicago Pittsburgh -6 711
Cleveland Cincinnati -13½ 705
Houston +6½ Tennessee 708
Indianapolis Jacksonville +9 706
New England -4 Buffalo 704
Oakland +6 N.Y. Jets 707
St. Louis Minnesota -7 710
Tampa Bay +6½ Carolina 709
N.Y. Giants -9 Philadelphia 716
San Francisco Seattle -16 717
Washington -4 Arizona 715
Baltimore Denver -14½ 713
Kansas City +3 Dallas 712
Miami San Diego -14 714
Detroit Green Bay -6
New Orleans Atlanta -10

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December 04, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 13

You know the drill...

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Atlanta +3 Carolina 709
Buffalo Miami -5½ 707
Cincinnati +3½ Pittsburgh 708
Dallas +3 N.Y. Giants 713
Green Bay Chicago -7 710
Houston +8 Baltimore 704
Jacksonville Cleveland +3 705
Minnesota -3 Detroit 711
Tampa Bay -4 New Orleans 712
Tennessee Indianapolis -15½ 706
Arizona -3 San Francisco 717
Washington -3 St. Louis 716
Denver -1 Kansas City 714
N.Y. Jets +10½ New England 715
Oakland San Diego -11
Seattle -4 Philadelphia

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11/15 * 9/15 7/15

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November 28, 2005


"...nice thing about sports is that they prove men do have emotions and are not afraid to show them."
~ Jane O'Reilly
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November 26, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 12

Vox picks are underlined
SG's are italic
Point spread listings are SG's picks against the spread, negative numbers are the favorites.
Winners are bold

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Baltimore Cincinnati -9½ 708
Carolina -4 Buffalo 704
Chicago +3 Tampa Bay 706
Cleveland Minnesota -4 710
New England +3 Kansas City 709
San Diego -3½ Washington 711
San Francisco Tennessee -8½ 707
St. Louis Houston +4 705
Jacksonville Arizona +3½ 714
Miami Oakland -7 715
Green Bay +4½ Philadelphia 712
N.Y. Giants Seattle -5 713
New Orleans N.Y. Jets -1½
Pittsburgh +8½ Indianapolis

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November 24, 2005

Come on, Cowboys!

Never thought I'd be saying that

At this moment Bledsoe's passing stats are almost exactly double Plummer's - other than the fact that he only has 48 more yards. Hmmmmm.

J. Plummer 10/16 122 1 1 D. Bledsoe 22/32 170 2 2

BTW: The running total is now here - Football Picks.
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November 23, 2005

FOOTBALL - Thanksgiving

Vox picks are underlined
SG's are italic
Winners are bold
Point spread listings are SG's picks against the spread, negative numbers are the favorites.
Running total
Road Home
Atlanta Detroit +3
Denver -2 Dallas

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November 19, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 11

Vox picks are underlined
SG's are italic
Point spread listings are SG's picks against the spread, negative numbers are the favorties.
Winners are bold

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Arizona +10 St. Louis 713
Carolina -3 Chicago 709
Detroit +7½ Dallas 710
Jacksonville -4 Tennessee 706
Miami +2 Cleveland 705
New Orleans New England -10 711
Oakland +6 Washington 707
Philadelphia N.Y. Giants -7 712
Pittsburgh -3½ Baltimore 714
Tampa Bay Atlanta -6 708
Seattle -13 San Francisco 717
Buffalo San Diego -11 716
Indianapolis -6 Cincinnati 704
N.Y. Jets Denver -14 715
Kansas City Houston +7
Minnesota Green Bay -5

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November 13, 2005

Raiders Suck

The Raiders still suck, though I can't help wondering what might happen if they sat Collins down and gave one of their back ups a chance. Why are they so sold on this guy?

Of course, even though they really blow this season, I have to say - how cute is this?

And this? or this? or..heck, theres a bunch of them.

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November 12, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 10

Vox picks are underlined
SG's are italic
Favorites have an *, two-digit favorites have two **

SG wants to pick vs. the point spread, rather than straight up, so that's what you'll see on his picks.

For those of you unfamiliar with that process, he is betting whether or not the favorite will cover the point spread the odds makers set. So, this week for instance, he isn't saying that he thinks Houston will win, but that he doesn't think Indianapolis will win by 18 points. He does, however, think that the Giants will win by at least 10 points. (The favorites have a negative number, the underdogs have a positive)

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Arizona * Detroit -4 705
Baltimore * Jacksonville -7 710
Houston +18 ** Indianapolis 709
Kansas City * Buffalo -2 708
Minnesota * N.Y. Giants -10 706
* New England -3 Miami 711
San Francisco ** Chicago -13 704
* Denver -3 Oakland 715
N.Y. Jets * Carolina -9 714
Green Bay * Atlanta -9 712
St. Louis * Seattle -7 713
* Washington -1 Tampa Bay 707
Cleveland * Pittsburgh -8
Dallas * Philadelphia -3

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Olden Bears

I went ahead and put a bet on my Berkeley Bears today. I didn't think they could actually beat the Trojans, but I didn't think they would lose by 19 points - and they didn't.

They lost by 25

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November 07, 2005


Coach Andy Reid made the announcement Monday that Owens would not play for Eagles again for what they deemed conduct detrimental to the team
It is amazing to me that he was such a great receiver with his head so far up his......

Also, another take on the situation

PREVIOUS: From this summer

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FOOTBALL - handicapping

Every one of the favorites won so far this week! All of them. They didn't all cover the spread, unfortunately, or I would be just a bit richer (had the Jags in a parlay) - but, still, pretty amazing that they all won.

If that streak holds, I should be sitting pretty with my Indy pick for Monday night.

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November 05, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 9

Vox picks are underlined
SG's are italic
Favorites have an *, two-digit favorites have two **

Road Home Sunday Ticket
* Atlanta Miami 709
* Carolina Tampa Bay 712
* Cincinnati Baltimore 704
Detroit * Minnesota 710
Houston ** Jacksonville 706
Oakland * Kansas City 707
* San Diego N.Y. Jets 708
Tennessee * Cleveland 705
* Chicago New Orleans 711
** N.Y. Giants San Francisco 715
* Seattle Arizona 714
* Pittsburgh Green Bay 713
Philadelphia * Washington
* Indianapolis New England

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November 01, 2005

Know Yourself

Charles Barkley commenting on the Suns vs Mavericks game:

Dallas plays defense like I do, they can't guard anybody
Heh heh

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October 30, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 8

Vox picks are underlined
SG's are italic
Favorites have an *, two-digit favorites have two **

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Arizona * Dallas 706
Chicago * Detroit 707
Cleveland * Houston 709
Green Bay * Cincinnati 705
* Jacksonville St. Louis 711
Minnesota * Carolina 704
* Oakland Tennessee 712
Washington * N.Y. Giants 708
Kansas City * San Diego 715
Miami * New Orleans 710
Philadelphia * Denver 713
** Tampa Bay San Francisco 714
Buffalo * New England
Baltimore ** Pittsburgh

Man, the Ravens nearly pulled it off. The Steelers went off as 13 point favorites and just squeaked into the win. I guess a win is a win, or in my case, a loss is a loss...

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October 21, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 7

Didn't realize there was a game tonight. I don't have all my picks marked yet, I will try to by Sunday. Still not much in the mood.....

Vox picks are underlined
SG's are italic
Favorites have an *, two-digit favorites have two **

Road Home Sunday Ticket
Kansas City * Miami
Detroit * Cleveland 709
* Green Bay Minnesota 710
** Indianapolis Houston 705
New Orleans * St. Louis 711
Pittsburgh * Cincinnati 704
San Diego * Philadelphia 707
San Francisco ** Washington 712
Dallas * Seattle 708
Baltimore * Chicago 714
Buffalo * Oakland 716
Denver * N.Y. Giants 715
Tennessee * Arizona 713
N.Y. Jets * Atlanta

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October 16, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 6

I've given up on trying to pay attention to the stats - I am going back to my old system. My picks are underlined, SG's are italic, favorites are marked *, winners are bold

Our picks - - - >

Road Home Sunday Ticket
* Atlanta New Orleans 709
* Carolina Detroit 710
* Cincinnati Tennessee 704
Cleveland * Baltimore 705
Jacksonville * Pittsburgh 706
Miami * Tampa Bay 707
Minnesota * Chicago 708
N.Y. Giants * Dallas 711
Washington * Kansas City 712
New England * Denver 714
N.Y. Jets * Buffalo 713
* San Diego Oakland 715
Houston * Seattle *
St. Louis * Indianapolis *
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October 10, 2005

The Horror

What a brutal week! The planets are seriously out of alignment or something - the games yesterday were all topsy-turvy. I don't think I could have done worse on my picks if I was trying. There were a couple I struggled with, but then went the wrong way (Miami/Buffalo, Cincinnati/Jacksonville). There was one that SG changed before the games started today - moved to New England after hearing Michael Vick was out, I stuck with Atlanta anyway..... Even so, he still has only hit 7 this week.

Just not good at all. So far we are 5 and 7 out of 13. We both picked San Diego for tonight.

BTW: Is it just me, or are you guys sick of the flags? It seems like there are many more penalties this year - or am I wrong?

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October 08, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 5

For those of you keeping track, I did great last week, 10 of 14 right. So did SG, so you will see his average is at 58.3% - pretty impressive. If not for that first week, he would be up near 70%.

The favorites are marked with an asterisk *

Our picks - - - >

Road Home Sunday Ticket
* Baltimore Detroit 710
Chicago * Cleveland 704
Miami * Buffalo 709
New England * Atlanta 708
New Orleans * Green Bay 705
Seattle * St. Louis 707
* Tampa Bay N.Y. Jets 706
Tennessee * Houston 711
* Indianapolis San Francisco 715
* Carolina Arizona 712
* Philadelphia Dallas 713
Washington * Denver 714
Cincinnati * Jacksonville
Pittsburgh * San Diego

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October 01, 2005

College Ball

This is why I don't like college football - watching the home team dominate...then fall apart.

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FOOTBALL - week 4

It's that time again - my picks are underlined, his are italic, winners are bold. We are currently 45.7% and 54.3% for the year. I might do OK this week, SG only disagrees with me on 4 of the games.

Our picks - - - >

Buffalo New Orleans
Denver Jacksonville
Detroit Tampa Bay
Houston Cincinnati
Indianapolis Tennessee
San Diego New England
Seattle Washington
St. Louis N.Y. Giants
N.Y. Jets Baltimore
Dallas Oakland
Minnesota Atlanta
Philadelphia Kansas City
San Francisco Arizona
Green Bay Carolina

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September 24, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 3

We are tied for pick percentage so far, see the totals on the sidebar -->

Here are this weeks picks: mine are underlined, SG's are italic, winners are bold.

Atlanta Buffalo
Carolina Miami
Cincinnati Chicago
Cleveland Indianapolis
Jacksonville N.Y. Jets
New Orleans Minnesota
Oakland Philadelphia
Tampa Bay Green Bay
Tennessee St. Louis
Arizona Seattle
Dallas San Francisco
New England Pittsburgh
N.Y. Giants San Diego
Kansas City Denver

  • A bunch of games that are hard for me this week, either I like both teams, or dislike both teams.
  • Tampa Bay vs. Green Bay - tough call, let's hope TB can bring it again this week
  • I know Arizona sucks (I live here remember) but I really can't stand the Seahawks
  • I hate KC & Denver - ugh
  • I picked a lot of road teams, despite the fact that home teams were dominant last week. We'll see.....
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September 22, 2005

Sports Blogging

Our local paper of record, The Arizona Repugnant, has taken to blogging. This would barely register a blip from me if not for the fact that one of their bloggers is an old buddy of mine - and a seasoned blogger.

For those of you interested in college football in general, and ASU in particular, check out The Rookie.

I'm sorry to see him covering a narrow field because he really has such a wide range of interests he could be writing about. I miss his old blog, but I'm happy to find him somewhere.

BTW: there is still time to take the survey - Sentencing Drunk Drivers

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September 19, 2005

FOOTBALL - stats

Well, I had a rough week - but some of the teams looked better than expected, even though they lost. As of now, SG and I are tied in our pick percentage - but we have opposing picks for both of Monday's games so that will change.

Questions for the Raiders:

  1. Why the heck did you bother to sign Randy Moss if you aren't going to use him? Moss in coverage is better than most receivers wide open.
  2. How bad does Collins have to suck before you give Tuiasosopo a chance?

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September 17, 2005

FOOTBALL - week 2

Did OK last week with my emotional picks, lets see how that works out for me this week. I've got SG's picks too - mine are underlined, his are italic, winners are bold.

My Our picks - - - >

Baltimore Tennessee
Buffalo Tampa Bay
Detroit Chicago
Jacksonville Indianapolis
Minnesota Cincinnati
New England Carolina
Pittsburgh Houston
San Francisco Philadelphia
Atlanta Seattle
St. Louis Arizona
Cleveland Green Bay
Miami N.Y. Jets
San Diego Denver
Kansas City Oakland
N.Y. Giants New Orleans
Washington Dallas

  • Tampa's defense is looking so good, hoping their offense will step it up
  • Vikings/Bengals - tough call for me, Cinncinati is just one of those teams I've always liked
  • Carolina's defense ain't looking too good, and the Pats have a pretty strong offense - I just don't like NE so I want them to lose
  • I just don't like Pitt or Philly so I want them to lose
  • I could go either way with the Giants/Saints, but I am feeling the Saints this week...

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September 13, 2005


What kind of a guy is SG? Well, I didn't know who he picked for most of this weeks games, so he could have said he got 11 or 12 right.

But he didn't. He fessed up, even though it makes his current percentage lower than mine (look for that to change soon, BTW, last year I think he finished at around 70%)

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Can I Pick 'Em?

I am going to post a running total of my pick percentage this season, thought it would be fun to watch. That is it over there on my sidebar.

SG's picks will be represented, too - he isn't at 0% for the year, I just don't have his total yet.

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September 10, 2005


To recap my system - purely emotional, I pick who I want to win, not who the stats says should win. My percentage is not as bad as you would expect considering.

  • I will always pick the Raiders
  • I will usually pick the NY team
  • I always pick against certain teams (i.e. Cowboys)
  • I pick teams I have a connection to, which is hard when, for instance, Tampa (where I lived) plays Minnesota (where my mom is from).
  • I'm sure there are other rules I can't remember.....
My picks are underlined, winners are bold.

My picks - - - >

New England Oakland
Chicago Washington
Cincinnati Cleveland
Denver Miami
Houston Buffalo
New Orleans Carolina
N.Y. Jets Kansas City
Seattle Jacksonville
Tampa Bay Minnesota
Tennessee Pittsburgh
Arizona N.Y. Giants
Dallas San Diego
Green Bay Detroit
St. Louis San Francisco
Indianapolis Baltimore
Philadelphia Atlanta

UPDATE: 8 9 of 15 16 ~ slightly ahead of last years average.
I picked New Orleans here, but bet on Carolina
I vacillated on the Bucs/Vikings game, needed to change my mind one more time on that one.
I think Baltimore could have pulled it off if their defense got a chance to rest at all, they were playing hard and the offense sucked - on for 3 downs and out - so the defense played a lot, eventually just couldn't keep it up.
Not sure what happened with San Diego...
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Here's Why I Am Not A Gambler

OK, so my Raiders lost - I guess it isn't too much of a surprise since they were playing the Patriots. Glad I didn't put a lot on them winning, though I also bet the Over(50) so I got a push on that one.

Once again I say I am just not feeling the love for Collins. It was fun to watch Moss, though - wish I could've seen more of him scoring ;-)

Next week, Kansas City.......

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September 08, 2005


Long time readers know I am a football fanatic - especially the Raiders - and that I make picks every week (usually wrong).

It should come as no surprise that my pick tonight is the Raiders - though it may surprise you that I actually put money on them....a very tiny amount, I am not much of a gambler

If you have any interest in online gaming, I recommend Bodog with referral # P1F1B13.
Caveat Emptor

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August 31, 2005

Football Clarification

SG has pointed out that my countdown to football season is incorrect, since college football actually starts tomorrow.

However, I don't count college ball as football - only NFL for me.

So, consider this a clarification - but my clock remains unchanged

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August 15, 2005

Eagles' Crap

Charles gives us his take on the T.O. situation, to which I say - With ya' 98%. I'm hoping he is wrong that some team will take him after this.

He got a comment pointing to this site, where you can get your very own F.U.T.O. shirt (that tank top is cute)...I think the proceeds are going to help him survive on the meager salary the Eagles are willing to pay him. You know, the amount he signed a contract for.

If you think you are going to be so good you'll deserve a raise next season, take a risk and sign a one year contract. If you don't want to take a chance with your employment and sign a multi-year contract, then you get to wait till the contract runs out. If I sell you a house for $100,000 that you are able to sell next year for $1,000,000, I don't get to come back and renegotiate our sales contract - I just get to kick myself for missing the boat. If I want to see what I can get for it in a year, I have to absorb the risk and hang on to it.

You could have taken a risk on a short contract, now you need to honor the contract you signed (the contract your agent negotiated, incidentally) - or go try to make that kind of money with one of your other skills.... BTW, what other skills do you have, TO?

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June 02, 2005

Flag On That Play

So the 49ers are in a bit of a pickle over a training video which was very poorly executed. I can see where he was trying to go with it, but he certainly missed the mark. He also should have known that if you put something on video you don't want seen by the general public, it will end up in the wrong hands.

But you have to love this quote from the mayor:

"It wasn't right to do it to the Asian community, particularly the Chinese community."
Why "particularly the Chinese community"?

See the video here - warning: there is nudity.

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June 01, 2005

Suns Fever

My sister and I just got back from a walk to get some cold drinks from the local QT

She noticed that they had Suns donuts in the Krispy Kreme case - glazed, topped with chocolate frosting and purple and orange sprinkles.

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May 31, 2005

Whew - No Sweep

The Suns won!!!

What a great game, too! Very frustrating to watch the Suns get called for fouls when they look at one of the Spurs sideways, and the Spurs not even get called when they are mugging one of our guys. Gratifying to know that, had they capitalized on the lopsided officiating and been able to sink their free throws, they would have won - but they couldn't do it. San Antonio lost by 5 points, Tim Duncan alone missed about 10 free throws. Hah!

Q is still not up to form, and Shawn Marion was only there about half the night (but when he was on - he was ON). Nash is practically carrying us, though having Joe Johnson back seemed to make a huge difference tonight. Amare is just a stud, plain and simple - hard to believe he is so young. That block that he made at the end was HUGE, as soon as I find a picture I will post it. It is definitely poster material...beautiful.

I am, however, sick and tired of Ginobili and his acting. Anybody gets near him and he is faking a stroke, flopping to the floor and flailing about. This is one of my big pet peeves in basketball and, I think, shows a lack of faith in your talent. If you think your only chance is to get unwarranted fouls called, you obviously don't think your team can win on skill. He is not the only one by any means, you can look to Dallas and see Nowitski - heck, I remember being irritated way back when by Bill Laimbeer (for his histrionics and other things). I just wonder, since these players have that reputation, why the officials ever believe them - I would be disinclined to give them the call unless I saw someone nail 'em with an uppercut...twice.


The Suns won!!!

It looked like the game would be decided by the officials but we still managed to pull it off. What a nail biter...what a win!

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May 24, 2005

Sit Him Down

I love the Suns, especially this year - Steve Nash is so much fun to watch on the court.

I really liked Q during the regular season, honestly I did.

But he has sucked through the whole play-off run. SUCKED. He can't hit a shot, yet he keeps throwing those three point tries..which amounts to throwing away the ball and a chance at scoring.

We have a great bench, why is he still out there? Why is he still attempting those three point shots? Why won't D'Antoni sit his butt down?

UPDATE: Sure, I post this and he manages to score a few points. I still think he is not up to par and we should go to the bench. Looks like Joe Johnson will be back for the next game and, unless he is gun shy from the injury, that should help a lot.

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February 07, 2005

2.5 Million

The reported prices for a 30 second Super Bowl ad, last I heard was $2.5 Million $2.4 Million. That's a lot of green for a short amount of time. Through the years, as every one knows, these were the ads to watch - but in the last few they have gone way downhill.

This year there were some good ones (the guys were rolling during the commercial) and some mediocre ones - and a couple that were just the product's regular ads (Quiznos). I can't see paying that kind of money to show something you've been airing for months already, especially if it is weak to start with.

You can see them here, check out the Anheuser Busch "Thank You" ad from Quarter 3.

BTW: On the radio this morning, they mentioned an ad with a cat but I didn't see it and can't find it on this list - can any of you fill me in?

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February 05, 2005

FOOTBALL - Super Bowl

OK - this is a Super Bowl that I really don't care about. I don't like either team.

However...since I dislike New England more than Philly, I am going to go with the Eagles - even thought the smart money seems to be on the Pats.

SG called it for Philly weeks ago, and SG Jr is a big time Eagles fan - so it looks like we are all in agreement...and probably all wrong.

UPDATE: Yep, I was right - we picked the wrong team. But, they did better than I expected...and better than many people predicted. And, at the end of both halves, SG had the right boxes and won the pot.

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January 22, 2005

FOOTBALL - post season 3

Conference Championships
Atlanta at Philadelphia
New England at Pittsburgh

This is a tough week for me, I'm tepid about Atlanta and don't like the other three at all. I guess I will go with Pittsburgh because I dislike them less than I dislike New England....

Not really looking forward to this Superbowl :-(

UPDATE: Just heard from SG. He is disagrees with me and goes with Philly and New England today, and even goes so far as to predict Philly winning the Superbowl. Better them than the Patriots, I say.

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January 15, 2005

FOOTBALL - post season 2

Divisional Playoffs
N.Y. Jets at Pittsburgh St. Louis at Atlanta
Minnesota at Philadelphia Indianapolis at New England

I only went for one home team...wonder how that'll work out

UPDATE: Shoulda gone with the home teams, they all won...

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January 08, 2005

FOOTBALL - post season 1

Last week in all the hustle and bustle of New Years & Christmas, I forgot to make my picks - bummer.

Wild Card Weekend
St. Louis at Seattle N.Y. Jets at San Diego
Denver at Indianapolis Minnesota at Green Bay
tough call for me, I am going with Green Bay but something tells me Minnesota is due for a win against them
- third times a charm after all.

2 out of 2 3 of 3 4 so far! The Jets tried to give away the win, fortunately San Diego didn't seem to want it.

I should have stuck with my gut on the GB/Minn game - but, noooo, I had to go looking at the stats Blew an almost perfect week.

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January 06, 2005

Do You Know....

...who sang the National Anthem at the Orange Bowl?

I did, however, see the the half-time show - ouch!!

UPDATE: Finally, found it via FoxSports. It was JoJo - whoever that is.

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December 26, 2004

More Sad News

Reggie White passed away today.

Details are sketchy so far, but what we do know is sad enough. He died the day after Christmas, he was only 43 years old, he leaves behind a wife and children. Early indications are that he had a heart attack triggered by sleep apnea.

Here is a bit about his career. And a bit about his life.

UPDATE: Many are noticing that no mention of Reggie White misses the opportunity to take a shot at his beliefs. Michelle Malkin has a round up.

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December 25, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 16

Green Bay at Minnesota
I forgot about this game. I can't honestly say who I would've picked - I like them both. I have been leaning towards Green Bay this year because Favre is fun to watch play. But my Mom is from Minnesota so I often pick the Vikings. I probably would have looked at their records, which wouldn't have helped at all. Guess I have to skip that one.
Oakland at Kansas City
How did they manage to give this one away? tthhhhpt!
Denver at Tennessee
Atlanta at New Orleans Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Chicago at Detroit Houston at Jacksonville
N.Y. Giants at Cincinnati San Diego at Indianapolis
Buffalo at San Francisco New England at N.Y. Jets
Arizona at Seattle Carolina at Tampa Bay
Washington at Dallas Cleveland at Miami
Philadelphia at St. Louis

6 of 15 - balancing out last week
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December 17, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 15

Wow - 9 of 15 so far! 11 of 16, I rock this week :-)
I was going to pick Kansas City because I hate Denver even more than I hate them, but since SG is a Denver fan I went with them. Thhhpt! That'll teach me.

Pittsburgh at N.Y. Giants Washington at San Francisco
Carolina at Atlanta
Buffalo at Cincinnati Dallas at Philadelphia
Denver at Kansas City
geez - how do I pick here? Ugh.
Houston at Chicago
Minnesota at Detroit San Diego at Cleveland
Seattle at N.Y. Jets New Orleans at Tampa Bay
St. Louis at Arizona Jacksonville at Green Bay
Tennessee at Oakland Baltimore at Indianapolis
New England at Miami

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December 11, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 14

Don't have the picks from the boys, yet - not sure if they are playing this week. I'll update if I get their choices.UPDATE: Got 'em - sort of. SG Jr isn't willing to stick his neck out there too far ;-)

V = Me 6 of 16
S = SG 11 of 16
J = SG Jr. 1 of 1

Chicago V S Jacksonville
V Cincinnati S New England
Cleveland V S Buffalo
V S Indianapolis Houston
V New Orleans S Dallas
V N.Y. Giants S Baltimore
V S Oakland Atlanta
Seattle V S Minnesota
V Miami S Denver
V N.Y. Jets S Pittsburgh
Detroit V S Green Bay
San Francisco V S Arizona
St. Louis V S Carolina
V Tampa Bay S San Diego
S J Philadelphia V Washington
Kansas City V S Tennessee

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December 04, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 13

Well, there isn't much overlap on the picks this week - one of us (probably me) is going to be way off.....

I didn't get SG's picks for the last two games, though I can bet he will be picking Pittsburgh and Dallas - but I will double check before I commit him to that. UPDATE: I was wrong. Bummer. He wants Pittsburgh and Seattle

V = Me 6 of 15 ~ 40% 6 of 16
S = SG 9 of 15 ~ 60% 9 of 16
Hey, he and I together are 100% ;-)
J = SG Jr.1 of 1

V Arizona S Detroit
S Atlanta V Tampa Bay
V S Buffalo Miami
V Carolina S New Orleans
V Cincinnati S Baltimore
V Houston S N.Y. Jets
V S Minnesota Chicago
S New England V Cleveland
V San Francisco S St. Louis
Tennessee V S Indianapolis
S Denver V San Diego
S Kansas City V Oakland
V Green Bay S J Philadelphia
V S N.Y. Giants Washington
S Pittsburgh V Jacksonville
Dallas V S Seattle

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November 28, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 12

4:00 in the morning, I should be in bed - but can't miss the football picks, can I?

Cleveland at Cincinnati Jacksonville at Minnesota
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants San Diego at Kansas City
Tampa Bay at Carolina Tennessee at Houston
Washington at Pittsburgh New Orleans at Atlanta
Baltimore at New England Buffalo at Seattle
Miami at San Francisco N.Y. Jets at Arizona
Oakland at Denver St. Louis at Green Bay

7 of 14...

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November 25, 2004

FOOTBALL - turkey day

Almost forgot to make my picks for todays games....

Indianapolis at Detroit
Chicago at Dallas
I don't like Chicago or Dallas so it's a toss up
I guess I'll go with the home team

UPDATE: Just heard from SG that he and Jr agree with my picks...
UPDATE: Wow - I am 2 for 2 today. Woo hoo!! Of course, the boys are, too, so I didn't beat anybody - but still, much better than my usual ;-)

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November 20, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 11

OK, this week everybody wanted to play. Since I am getting ready to head out of town I am putting this up quickly so it may not be entirely legible - I will try to come up with a better system for next week.
V = me 8 of 16
S = SG 13 of 16
J = SG jr. 11 of 16

V S Arizona J Carolina
Dallas V S J Baltimore
S J Denver V New Orleans
J Detroit V S Minnesota
V S J Indianapolis Chicago
V S N.Y. Jets J Cleveland
S J Pittsburgh V Cincinnati
J San Francisco V S Tampa Bay
S J St. Louis V Buffalo
Tennessee V S J Jacksonville
V Miami S J Seattle
S J San Diego V Oakland
S J Atlanta V N.Y. Giants
V Washington S J Philadelphia
V S J Green Bay Houston
V S J New England Kansas City

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November 13, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 10

My picks...
Baltimore at N.Y. Jets Chicago at Tennessee
Detroit at Jacksonville Houston at Indianapolis
Kansas City at New Orleans Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Seattle at St. Louis Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Cincinnati at Washington Carolina at San Francisco
Minnesota at Green Bay
I like both teams, so I
went with SG Jr's choice - GB
N.Y. Giants at Arizona
Buffalo at New England Philadelphia at Dallas
8 of 14

SG Jr. laughed at my picks, so here are his....
Baltimore at N.Y. Jets Chicago at Tennessee
Detroit at Jacksonville Houston at Indianapolis
Kansas City at New Orleans Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Seattle at St. Louis Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Cincinnati at Washington Carolina at San Francisco
Minnesota at Green Bay N.Y. Giants at Arizona
Buffalo at New England Philadelphia at Dallas
9 of 14

UPDATE: We both have the same pick for Monday night, so he beats me by one - and I maintain my 50% average.... (OK, so it is only 43% - its around 50%, and if Philly wins I go up to over 44%) ;-)
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November 09, 2004


I have traditionally been anti-Miami Dolphins - until this year. The Ricky Williams spanking gave me a new respect for them, and that was based on Dave Wannstedt. Though they have struggled (that's an understatement) this season, I have tried to stick with them. Now, with Wannstedt leaving, I can go back to my previous dislike.

Oh well.

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November 07, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 9

It's time for bed, and what am I doing? Football picks. It's sick, I tell ya' - especially the way I pick

Arizona at Miami Dallas at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Tampa Bay N.Y. Jets at Buffalo
Oakland at Carolina Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
just hate both these PA teams...
Washington at Detroit Chicago at N.Y. Giants
New Orleans at San Diego Seattle at San Francisco
Houston at Denver New England at St. Louis
Cleveland at Baltimore
it's a toss up for me..
Minnesota at Indianapolis

6 of 12 14 - 50% so far

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October 30, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 8

Not enough time to do these picks justice - should have a very poor showing this week

Arizona at Buffalo Baltimore at Philadelphia
Cincinnati at Tennessee Detroit at Dallas
Green Bay at Washington Indianapolis at Kansas City
Jacksonville at Houston N.Y. Giants at Minnesota
Atlanta at Denver Carolina at Seattle
New England at Pittsburgh Oakland at San Diego
San Francisco at Chicago Miami at N.Y. Jets

Come on, Washington!

UPDATE: As predicted, a very poor showing this week - 3 of 14. Ouch! Thankfully the Redskins legend didn't hold true....
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October 23, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 7

Atlanta at Kansas City Buffalo at Baltimore
Chicago at Tampa Bay Detroit at N.Y. Giants
Jacksonville at Indianapolis Philadelphia at Cleveland
San Diego at Carolina St. Louis at Miami
OK, I really want to pick Miami here, but how can you...?
Tennessee at Minnesota N.Y. Jets at New England
Dallas at Green Bay New Orleans at Oakland
Seattle at Arizona Denver at Cincinnati
I know, I know, but I don't like Seattle and the Cards are due...

UPDATE: Ahhh - I should've stuck with Miami!! But, noooo, had to look at their records....Argh! And Jacksonville, I wanted Jacksonville, but noooo. Teach me to try and pick games the "right" way
7 of 14 ~ 50% again
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October 17, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 6

Let's see if I can get 50% again

Carolina at Philadelphia Cincinnati at Cleveland
Green Bay at Detroit Houston at Tennessee
Kansas City at Jacksonville Miami at Buffalo
San Diego at Atlanta Seattle at New England
San Francisco at N.Y. Jets Washington at Chicago
Denver at Oakland Pittsburgh at Dallas
Minnesota at New Orleans Tampa Bay at St. Louis

UPDATE: 7 8 for 12 13 14.....come on Thank you, Vikings!

OK, so I was wrong on the Tampa Bay game, but they did better than you all expected, didn't they? Besides, SG had $everal more reason$ to want to Rams to win, so I was actually rooting for them. Don't tell.

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October 10, 2004


OK, so my Raiders got whupped today, I am still a die hard Raider Girl - and it's not like I didn't see this loss coming. The Colts are pretty smokin' this season - so it doesn't hurt too bad that they beat my boys.

Still not feeling the love for Collins, but I am trying. The Raiders certainly have a history of taking on questionable players and turning them into stars...not sure that is possible here, but a girl can dream can't she?

Gannon is still "being evaluated" but I can't see him coming back at all, let alone this year - despite the claim that "The Raiders are waiting until further tests are done on Gannon's neck before determining whether to place him on injured reserve"

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October 09, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 5

Here they are, I have to improve on last week's tally. This is a tough week for me; being a Raiders fan I have to pick them but it doesn't look good, Michael will be upset that I chose Minnesota, several teams that I like are playing each other (i.e. Bills/Jets, Saints/Bucs), Arizona is starting to look much better but they are still the "Cards"....
BTW: if you want up to the minute(ish) scores, try

Cleveland at Pittsburgh Detroit at Atlanta
Miami at New England Minnesota at Houston
N.Y. Giants at Dallas Oakland at Indianapolis
Tampa Bay at New Orleans Buffalo at N.Y. Jets
Jacksonville at San Diego Arizona at San Francisco
Carolina at Denver St. Louis at Seattle
Baltimore at Washington Tennessee at Green Bay

I can't possibly do worse than last week

woo-hoo, 7 of 14...back at my old rate. The only 2 games I actually looked at what other people suggested for who was favored - I got wrong. Hmph! Teach me to trust the "experts"

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October 03, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 4

Once again, picked for my stupid girlie reason, Sunday's forecast. My picks are underlined, winners will be bolded.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Indianapolis at Jacksonville
New England at Buffalo N.Y. Giants at Green Bay
Oakland at Houston Philadelphia at Chicago
Washington at Cleveland Atlanta at Carolina
New Orleans at Arizona    (!?!?!) Denver at Tampa Bay
N.Y. Jets at Miami Tennessee at San Diego
St. Louis at San Francisco Kansas City at Baltimore

UPDATE: WOW, 3 for 12 13 14 so far... ... I am on fire! That's why I don't bet.

SG, however, did put some money on this weeks games and came out way ahead. Even if I can't pick the winning teams, I picked a winner who picked the winners

UPDATE: OK, what the heck happened to the Ravens???
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September 25, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 3

Due to some confusion on my picks in the past two weeks, I will now underline my picks, then bold the winners - so you can see how poorly I did.

Arizona 3 at Atlanta 6 Baltimore 23 at Cincinnati 9
Chicago 22 at Minnesota 27 Cleveland 10 at N.Y. Giants 27
Houston 24 at Kansas City 21 Jacksonville 15 at Tennessee 12
New Orleans 28 at St. Louis 25 Philadelphia 30 at Detroit 13
San Diego 13 at Denver 23 Green Bay 31 at Indianapolis 45
San Francisco 0 at Seattle 34 Pittsburgh 13 at Miami 3
Tampa Bay 12 at Oakland 30 Dallas 21 at Washington 18

UPDATE: I was painting all day, so didn't actually get to watch any of these games - seems a shame to waste the Sunday ticket...and the chance to see SG. My picks, so far, are 7 of 13 14. Sooo disappointed in Green Bay, they came so close to pulling it out and gave it away!
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September 18, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 2

Once again, here are my girlie picks:

Carolina 28 at Kansas City 17 Chicago 21 at Green Bay 10
Denver 6 at Jacksonville 7 Houston 16 at Detroit 28
Indianapolis 31 at Tennessee 17 Pittsburgh 13 at Baltimore 30
San Francisco 27 at New Orleans 30 St. Louis 17 at Atlanta 34
Washington 14 at N.Y. Giants 20 Seattle 10 at Tampa Bay 6
Buffalo 10 at Oakland 13 Cleveland 12 at Dallas 19
New England 23 at Arizona 12 N.Y. Jets 34 at San Diego 28
Miami 13 at Cincinnati 16 Minnesota 16 at Philadelphia 27

UPDATE: As you can see, I am doing a little better this week - 9 out of 15 16. Come on Minnesota! That game should've been much closer, Minnesota was sucking big time tonight.
Broken has an in person review of the AZ Cardinals performance today.

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September 13, 2004

What about Bret Fahvera...?

Hooray - Packers win!

That makes my record of picks 5/14 - I rock

I really enjoy watching Favre play - he seems to have such a good time. Even when a play gets broken up he is usually grinning, like a big kid playing his favorite game. I love that!

(If you missed it somehow, the title of this post is a reference to this movie)

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September 12, 2004


Woo-hoo ~ football all day thanks to this!

Here are my picks; based solely on girlie reason, not stats and stars.

Arizona 10, St. Louis 17 Baltimore 3, Cleveland 20
Cincinnati 24, N.Y. Jets 31 Detroit 20, Chicago 16
Jacksonville 13, Buffalo 10 Oakland 21, Pittsburgh 24
San Diego 27, Houston 20 Seattle 21, New Orleans 7
Tampa Bay 10, Washington 16 Atlanta 21, San Francisco 19
Dallas 17, Minnesota 35 N.Y. Giants 17, Philadelphia 31
Kansas City 24, Denver 34 Green Bay 24, Carolina 14

UPDATE: You will note that my scientific pick method has me at a whopping 4 5 out of 12 13 14. Good thing I'm not a betting gal - I would lose my shirt. At least I'd still have my pretty new bras.
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