December 04, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 13

Well, there isn't much overlap on the picks this week - one of us (probably me) is going to be way off.....

I didn't get SG's picks for the last two games, though I can bet he will be picking Pittsburgh and Dallas - but I will double check before I commit him to that. UPDATE: I was wrong. Bummer. He wants Pittsburgh and Seattle

V = Me 6 of 15 ~ 40% 6 of 16
S = SG 9 of 15 ~ 60% 9 of 16
Hey, he and I together are 100% ;-)
J = SG Jr.1 of 1

V Arizona S Detroit
S Atlanta V Tampa Bay
V S Buffalo Miami
V Carolina S New Orleans
V Cincinnati S Baltimore
V Houston S N.Y. Jets
V S Minnesota Chicago
S New England V Cleveland
V San Francisco S St. Louis
Tennessee V S Indianapolis
S Denver V San Diego
S Kansas City V Oakland
V Green Bay S J Philadelphia
V S N.Y. Giants Washington
S Pittsburgh V Jacksonville
Dallas V S Seattle

Posted by Vox at December 4, 2004 11:34 PM | Sports