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Some Gave All

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It’s Magic, You Know

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By now I am sure you have heard all you care to about Donald Sterling and his comments.

I’ve heard them – or, most of them anyway. They may have released an even longer longer recording. Bear in mind, he was having a private discussion with his “girlfriend”. She recorded him without his knowledge or consent, and released the tape to a shock site precisely to embarrass him. His words may be reprehensible, but her action is illegal.

AND…(now, I could be completely wrong about this, but…)

Who was in the picture that supposedly started this whole thing? Magic Johnson

Who was the first to tweet his disgust and get the outrage ball rolling? Magic Johnson

Who, it has now been revealed, has a “group of billionaire investors lined up” to purchase the embattled team? Magic Johnson

Seems just a bit too convenient to me.

Clearly, Sterling has made comments in the past that lead the gold-digger to know she could push his buttons. Clearly, she started recording and trying to push those buttons for a reason. I imagine she was disappointed he never really lost his temper, and if he said “the word” I didn’t hear it on the tape. But, she took what she had right to TMZ because she knew they would pay, and she knew it would damage Sterling.

And she likely knew her “friend” Magic Johnson wanted a way to buy an NBA team that would not otherwise be on the market.

I have no idea what is in Donald Sterling’s heart. I don’t work with or for him. However, if those that do are surprised by this recording, he obviously never behaved in a racist way toward them. If he has previously behaved in a racist way toward members of his team or staff, they should not be surprised to hear his words.

And no one should be surprised that you can’t trust a skanky chick who is with you for your money.

(For all men: If a woman is repeatedly asking you questions that seem specifically geared toward getting you to say something you wouldn’t want broadcast – shut up. If that woman is only there for your bank account, why are you even talking to her in the first place? LOL)

UPDATE: When I first heard the tape, I thought it sounded like he was bothered that people would think she was stepping out on him. I just saw a transcript that supports that, he is telling her he knows she is a slut & he is fine with that – as long as she doesn’t broadcast it.

“It bothers me that you’re broadcasting that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to? Also, you can sleep with black people. You can bring them in. You can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that and not to bring them to my games.”

He definitely says a lot of other stupid stuff on there, but I think his initial problem with her was that she was showing the world she wasn’t committed to him (as if the world couldn’t have guessed that)


Don’t Cook Your Dog

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I had plans today to run by the library and pick up a couple of things I had on hold. I got sidetracked and was just lollygagging in general most of the morning, so went much later than I intended. Thankfully. Because I saved a dog from being cooked.

Temperature Chart Dogs in CarsAs I was leaving, I glanced in the car next to me and saw a dog pop up. In the car, alone, in the middle of an unshaded parking lot, at the hottest part of the day. He was climbing on & over the seats, then trying to get under the dash, or under the steering wheel. Just looking for anywhere to get out of the heat in general. Had I not been right there, at just that time, and looked over during one of the moments he showed his fuzzy face, he might have gone unnoticed.

I ran back in the library to tell them about it, thinking they could at least find the owner. I told the guy at the counter and he said, “Our parking lot?” I told him, yes, it was their lot across the roadway. He then says, “Oh, that’s the mall parking lot, not ours” OK. A) I don’t think the dog cares who the f***’s parking lot he is cooking in B) There is nothing else there. It may be the mall’s lot, but there is no mall nearby.

I go back out and call the police, mainly hoping to have permission to smash the window and get him out (I may or may not have considered bringing him home where someone would actually care for him) The dispatcher tells me he has never heard of a Buick Verano (really, that matters – and I am looking RIGHT AT THE LABEL)

The library security guard comes over and says, “well, the window is cracked a little” Sure, that quarter-inch is bound to make him feel better WHILE HE IS COOKING. When the police drive up, she gets very upset with me because “this is a mall matter” Really – THE MALL ISN’T DOING ANYTHING. After the officer starts looking for the dog, I don’t think he believed me since the dog was hiding – oh, there he is – the library chick says, “I guess I can do a call out to see if they are in the library” Gee, why didn’t I think of that *grumblegrumble*

Police officer starts trying to push the windows down, and asking how long it has been there. I don’t know, but I do know I have been out there for less than 10 minutes, not locked in my car, able to get a slight breeze, and I am sweating. Dog is panting furiously and drooling at this point. (According to this article, the interior of the car was likely at least 120° at that point)

Another officer pulls up. They start discussing breaking in to the car and whether animal control is coming. I am about to say, “Can we get the dog out first and worry about the other logistics later?” when library lady comes out with the car’s owner. He is huge. Like Quinton Aaron huge. I am glad the police were there when he came out, because I had plans to yell at him and that wasn’t happening (’cause HUGE)

First officer says, “You can’t do that” Guy says. “What?”, Officer, “Leave your dog in the car” Guy, “I know my dog is in the car, he’s my dog, I can do what I want” and starts moving in on the cop.

Cop says, “Step back”, guy gets lippy. Cop says, “You don’t need to get in my face” ….

I’ve seen enough episodes of cops to know I do NOT want to be around there anymore. I am now reasonably certain the dog will be freed – and I am not sticking around in close proximity to pissed of giants & cops with Tasers. So I left.

I now wonder if I should just have moved away & waited in case they wanted a statement, though the situation was pretty clear.

Once again, I will remind you all. YOUR DOG DOESN’T NEED TO GO WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO. He would rather be home without you than cooking in a parking lot – without you. Leave them home.

I can’t imagine any set of errands that would require you to have your dog along, especially on a Sunday (not like you had to take him for a veterinary appointment) But of all the stops you can maybe, possibly weasel out an excuse for as necessary & quick, the library doesn’t even register.

You would think here in Phoenix, it would be painfully obvious how hot your car gets in the summer – we’ve all suffered burned legs from hot seats, and driving with oven mitts really does seem reasonable sometimes. Apparently, though, there are moronic holdouts as the number of cooked pets – and CHILDREN – every year illustrates. So this is a reminder. Don’t leave living things in your car!


SB1062 – Vetoed

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Another Facebook post & comment on SB1062 that I will post here because my FB settings won’t display it to everyone – and I figured I should have an “apres veto” post. Y’all have read my ramblings thus far, let’s finish the subject off ;-)

Comment left on my page:

This isn’t an I told you so post. I read the law and as far as I could tell, no matter how you sliced it up it still was a discriminatory law. If there was any yahoo business owner that didn’t like gays or blacks or hispanics, it would have given them some protection to actively discriminate based off of race or creed. I give a little credit to Gov. Skeletor for vetoing this garbage bill. There are far more pressing matters facing our state. Obama is probably outraged that she vetoed this and is keeping the focus on immigration. Good political strategy on her part.

My comment back:

Apparently you didn’t read the bill (or amendment, rather) because it said no such thing. In fact, businesses here could already choose not to do business with anyone they wanted – and they still can.

This may have been an unnecessary law, written in response to problems in other states which we have not faced (in the states where lawsuits were successful, gender & sexual orientation are recognized as protected classes), but it did nothing to encourage or institutionalize discrimination here. You can’t sue now any more than you could have if the bill had been signed. Only the government can bring such an action. (Well, I think you can try some sort of civil action, but will lose)

In fact, the bill would have made it more difficult to claim a religious defense by adding a religiousness “test” to prove not only that your beliefs are sincerely held, but that serving a customer – or whatever action you are choosing not to do – would “substantially burden” your faith.

So, the bill did nothing but get us some bad press. I am not willing, however, to make decisions on Arizona legislation based on whether the Huffington Post & MSNBC understand it and/or think it is OK.

I really didn’t care which way this one went, veto/don’t veto/whatever, but I did care about the vicious mischaracterization of both the bill and our state. It deserved to be evaluated for what it was – not what George Takei thought about it.

So, yeah, I got vocal about it – but people had their minds made up. Like you.

I don’t like being lectured, I don’t like being called names, and I really hate being bullied, especially by people out of state who have no freakin’ idea WTH they are talking about.

The NFL wants to take the Super Bowl away because that organization filled with thugs & felons can’t grasp the very FIRST amendment in our Bill of Rights? Good riddance! Apple and Marriott want to lecture us about how we ‘should’ do business? STFU

Deal with the issues plaguing your own states and we’ll deal with ours

A rather Left leaning law professor on SB1062:

“But the main thing people miss is there’s no right of action against a bigot in the first place,” Bender said. “The bigot doesn’t need this.”

Governor Brewer’s letter in reference to the veto can be found here

UPDATE: From The Anchoress, re: the divisiveness of this debate

I feel like I’m watching my gay friends get mauled and then watching my Catholic friends get mauled, both by people who have lost the ability to do anything but feel and seethe.