November 20, 2004

FOOTBALL - week 11

OK, this week everybody wanted to play. Since I am getting ready to head out of town I am putting this up quickly so it may not be entirely legible - I will try to come up with a better system for next week.
V = me 8 of 16
S = SG 13 of 16
J = SG jr. 11 of 16

V S Arizona J Carolina
Dallas V S J Baltimore
S J Denver V New Orleans
J Detroit V S Minnesota
V S J Indianapolis Chicago
V S N.Y. Jets J Cleveland
S J Pittsburgh V Cincinnati
J San Francisco V S Tampa Bay
S J St. Louis V Buffalo
Tennessee V S J Jacksonville
V Miami S J Seattle
S J San Diego V Oakland
S J Atlanta V N.Y. Giants
V Washington S J Philadelphia
V S J Green Bay Houston
V S J New England Kansas City

Posted by Vox at November 20, 2004 01:43 AM | Sports