April 13, 2008

We're Number 4!

Forbes.com made a list of the cities that suffer the most sports misery - and we couldn't even win that.

Still, at number four, there is lots to whine about. I've said it many times, Arizona sports teams will break your heart. Well, not the Cardinals - no one ever expects them to go anywhere. The other teams, however, play well enough to get your hopes up . . . and then they crash and burn.

Here is their list of why we are considered a Miserable Sports City:

4. Phoenix, Ariz.

Teams: Cardinals (NFL), Diamondbacks (MLB), Suns (NBA), Coyotes (NHL)

  • Title round record: 1-2 (21st)
  • Semifinal round record: 3-7 (25th)
  • Total seasons/early playoff-round exits (or baseball 2nd place): 82/28 (23rd)
  • Total seasons/championships: 82/1 (22nd)
  • Years since last title: 7 (8th)
  • Teams lost: 0
The Suns have lost six times in the NBA's Western Conference finals, and twice in the NBA finals, without a ring

Once again, the Diamondbacks are setting us up to believe...I'm trying really hard not to fall for it.

Don't even get me started on the Suns.......

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