April 22, 2008

Arizona Sports Teams

..will break your heart.

Every time.

more. more. more. more.

Posted by Vox at April 22, 2008 10:33 PM | Arizona , Phoenix , Sports

Your Diamondbacks are doing well - Especially against my Padres...

Posted by: Woods at April 23, 2008 06:35 AM

Hey, the Sting are pretty good...you know, the professional lacrosse team?

Actually, think back to the 2001 World Series. The D-backs had a chance to break our hearts after Schilling gave up the homer. But they came back and won. Classic game, classic series, world championship. We'll always have that one.

Posted by: Special Agent Johnny Utah at April 23, 2008 06:55 AM

Sure the D-backs look good now. They always look good early. They look great, my favorite players are all whoopin' up on every team we've played.

But just wait - they make you believe and then they let you down.

I remember the Diamondbacks in 2001; the city hadn't completely embraced them, but came around when we made it to the play-offs. And, as happy as I am that we have one title, we will always be the team that beat New York right after 9/11.

Posted by: Vox at April 23, 2008 09:31 AM