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re-Counting On

Posted on | November 16, 2020 | No Comments

Voter Fraud

I am hoping that Trump or the GOP (or some representative) continues the push for recounts and investigation of the 2020 election. Not because I think the result will change (I doubt it will) but for 2 specific reasons

  1. Voter fraud exists.
    To deny it is to be willfully ignorant or ridiculously disingenuous. (especially if you spent the last 4 years claiming the 2016 election was stolen or tainted by interference you now deny is possible)

    Now seems the best chance we have to pursue the various methods that may be – or may have been – employed to tip scales illicitly. Whether that knowledge affects this election result is not as important as putting in place stops to ensure fraud is stopped (or at least reduced) in future contests. If every vote is to count then every legal vote needs to be counted

  2. It will legitimize the victor.
    This will likely be Biden, so it would benefit him to embrace the process, as well. Unless he expects voter fraud to be found that shows he or his campaign to have been complicit in the fraudulent activity, he should be happy to put the question to rest.

    It would be lovely, though perhaps too much to ask, to not have 4 years of claims that the election was stolen. A few more weeks of counting and verifying seems a small price to pay


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