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Keep In Touch

Email is STILL not working (four days and counting, great job Cox ๐Ÿ˜  ) via GIPHY If you want to reach me ’cause you know me, try: text, Facebook, Google+, Gmail, or phone. Pretty much in that order, LOL Thanks! โœ

A Distant Goodbye

One of my Facebook friends died this week. That’s what she was, an online friend. I never met her and only connected with her through mutual friends. The main thing we had in common was the similarity of our last names – then she went and got married and ruined that LOL I know we […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Why the backlash against the Ice Bucket Challenge? It amazes me the number of people smugly condemning the #ALSicebucketchallenge, especially when most of them clearly have no understanding of what it is – and certainly can’t be bothered to watch one, or read about them, to get the truth. It isn’t about “narcissism”, it is […]

Happy Blogiversary To Me – 11 Year Edition

I have been much less prolific in recent years, but I am still here. All my archives are still intact. So I’ve got that going for me…   โœ

The ABCs of Vox

Shamelessly stole this quiz from my great-niece’s Facebook page. Hey, I need blog fodder & I’m not in the mood for heavier stuff right now.   Alphabet Quiz Available = Romantically? No; Employment? Perhaps; Parties? Doesn’t hurt to ask Birthday = July 19th … hey, that’s coming up. Crushing On = Same guy I’ve been […]

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