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Duped Dad Takes on OK Law

OK Man Ordered To Pay Child Support Despite Not Being Father Thomas said he had no reason to question it before he did, but, because he missed the deadline, the judge ordered him to pay around $500 a month in child support, plus, nearly $15,000 in back support plus interest – all for a child […]

What Makes A “Deadbeat”

Long time readers know that I have issues with paternity fraud (OK, I have a lot of issues, but I’m not talking about that now) Advice Goddess touched on it a few days ago, and followed up with another post regarding “Deadbeat Dads” specifically. There is some good info to be had in the posts […]

Parental Alienation

By now I am sure you have all heard the heinous voicemail message left by Alec Baldwin for his 11 year old daughter, Ireland. The damage this will cause to his custody fight is yet to be seen, and damage to Basinger, who violated a court order to release the tape, must also be anticipated. […]

From The Duped Dads Archives

I found this old article on the plight of fathers specifically, and men in general, when dealing with women and the court system – Child Support Lock Up. Now, I can’t say I support his suggestion that men “join the ‘Marriage Strike’“, but I certainly can see why he would be motivated to bring it […]

Duped Dads

I have ranted about the problem of Paternity Fraud before, now it a appears Time Magazine has taken a peek at it. A glancing and superficial one, granted, but at least they looked. Advocates for these so-called duped dads say such men should be treated as victims of fraud and liken the need for paternity-disestablishment […]

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