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Keep In Touch

Email is STILL not working (four days and counting, great job Cox ๐Ÿ˜  ) via GIPHY If you want to reach me ’cause you know me, try: text, Facebook, Google+, Gmail, or phone. Pretty much in that order, LOL Thanks! โœ

Christmas. Time.

Christmas is coming. It will be on December 25th this year, but you knew that already. You know it because Christmas is December 25th every year. And yet, every year millions of people seem to be caught off guard. They rush around in the week prior, complaining about the crowds of people who waited so […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Why the backlash against the Ice Bucket Challenge? It amazes me the number of people smugly condemning the #ALSicebucketchallenge, especially when most of them clearly have no understanding of what it is – and certainly can’t be bothered to watch one, or read about them, to get the truth. It isn’t about “narcissism”, it is […]

Ghost Season

Today I found myself sucked in to a marathon of the ghostly Discovery Channel show, A Haunting.   Not that I am a believer in ghosts & ghoulies, but I do enjoy things that are creepy – especially this time of year. In watching episode after episode, a couple of things became clear. These hauntings […]

Happy Accident

I needed some sand for a craft project, which seemed a simple enough ingredient. Unfortunately, you generally have to buy a bunch. I tried other things, but nothing looks enough like sand for my taste. It eventually dawned on me to try pet stores because aquariums use sand. Sort of. They use multi-colored sand you […]

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