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re-Counting On

I am hoping that Trump or the GOP (or some representative) continues the push for recounts and investigation of the 2020 election. Not because I think the result will change (I doubt it will) but for 2 specific reasons Voter fraud exists. To deny it is to be willfully ignorant or ridiculously disingenuous. (especially if […]

Some Gave All


More on Religious Freedom & SB1062

Got this question on FB, and there isn’t enough room for a full answer there – so I’m putting it here. Question: Help me understand something, as I have not read it all the way thru, just as I doubt anyone has (I love your rule btw). Why does a bill need to be written […]

Map It

I was trying to find another version of this map of the USA, composed of state flags, via Google image search. In the results was this version of a map of the USA, composed of university mascots. Pretty cool but…sorry Lumberjacks, apparently Arizona only has two universities the artist felt worth mentioning ๐Ÿ˜‰ โœ

How Obama Wins the Shutdown Showdown

Barack Obama, Jay Carney, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid – all keep repeating the same position, “We will not negotiate with the GOP to end the shutdown” There is no ground whatsoever they are willing to cede. None. The House passed a continuing resolution that funded everything, every piece of government spending, with only two […]

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