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re-Counting On

I am hoping that Trump or the GOP (or some representative) continues the push for recounts and investigation of the 2020 election. Not because I think the result will change (I doubt it will) but for 2 specific reasons Voter fraud exists. To deny it is to be willfully ignorant or ridiculously disingenuous. (especially if […]

Storm of Controversy

So, DirecTV is allowing people to cancel their Sunday Ticket subscriptions if they are upset about the anthem protests. Good. If people want to get their money back when the game is changed, they should be allowed that option. I have heard people say that, because of the anthem protests, they are going to order […]

The Blob

Amazon has introduced a feature which allows Kindle book previews without requiring an account or the Kindle app*, so I thought I’d test it here. And why not do it with #caring? Government has gone from being an annoying necessity to a self-replicating blob that attempts to assimilate everything it touches — every role, every […]

It’s Magic, You Know

By now I am sure you have heard all you care to about Donald Sterling and his comments. I’ve heard them – or, most of them anyway. They may have released an even longer longer recording. Bear in mind, he was having a private discussion with his “girlfriend”. She recorded him without his knowledge or […]

SB1062 – Vetoed

Another Facebook post & comment on SB1062 that I will post here because my FB settings won’t display it to everyone – and I figured I should have an “apres veto” post. Y’all have read my ramblings thus far, let’s finish the subject off 😉 Comment left on my page: This isn’t an I told […]

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