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Shutdown Spoon Banging

Posted on | October 6, 2013 | 1 Comment

Riddle me this – even if you believe, against any evidence to the contrary, that the Republicans are 100% responsible for the current shutdown (which, obviously, I don’t) But, if you did assign every tiny possible bit of blame to the Right…

How can you not see the vindictive, capricious, random & punitive measures the White House has ordered as anything other than a petty, thuggish, spoon-banging, temper tantrum designed to hurt as many people as possible?

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A few more:

OK, I’m tired of tracking down the links, you all know how to Google. The stories of malicious closures just keep coming; Cliff House in San Francisco, the Pisgah Inn, the Vietnam Memorial, he even tried to close state funded parks, barry-cading bus turnarounds, blocking off scenic overlooks….another day, another foot-stompy unnecessary (and often, extra costly) blockage.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest move out of the Spite House, Shutdown forces owners to leave Lake Mead homes

A shutdown – which has been used many times in our nations history – is meant to minimize expenditures. Obama, AKA President Stompy Foot, has found ways to spend more money in his quest to “make life as difficult for people as we can.

Whether you agree with the shutdown or not, whether you like Obamacare or not – how can you not be disappointed in a President whose idea of leading is to bully veterans, tourists, private businesses & children with cancer?


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