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How Obama Wins the Shutdown Showdown

Barack Obama, Jay Carney, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid – all keep repeating the same position, “We will not negotiate with the GOP to end the shutdown” There is no ground whatsoever they are willing to cede. None. The House passed a continuing resolution that funded everything, every piece of government spending, with only two […]

The Error of Big Government

This current government shutdown has given us some amusing hashtags: from the simple #HarryReidShutdown, #ObamaShutdown, #ShutdownTheater to the hilarious #SpiteHouse, #PresidentStompyFoot, #ShutNado Though I do believe most of the #Barrycades (and #Harrycades) are just so much spoon banging by a petulant & vindictive administration, they certainly serve as an illustration of the famous quote* Perhaps […]

Shutdown Spoon Banging

Riddle me this – even if you believe, against any evidence to the contrary, that the Republicans are 100% responsible for the current shutdown (which, obviously, I don’t) But, if you did assign every tiny possible bit of blame to the Right… How can you not see the vindictive, capricious, random & punitive measures the […]

Fight the Power

“We’re the revolution now” [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRthd1gHil4] Odd how the Left believed so strongly that the most patriotic thing a citizen could do was question the government, talk back to our elected representatives, throw shoes at the president…until *their* guy became “The Man”, now it is treasonous racism to not fawn in rapturous amazement at his […]

We Are All In This Together

No matter who wins the election today, he will be OUR president. All of us. We are all Americans and I firmly believe we all love our country. Please remember your friends and family are more than their political views. And, please go vote. ✏

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