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Remembering 9/11

Posted on | September 12, 2013 | No Comments

AT&T 9/11A site I follow on Facebook just shared this Independent Journal Review story:

8 Advertisements That Exploited the 9/11 Tragedy

If you were online yesterday, you probably saw as many complaints about how others were remembering 9/11 as you saw actual tributes. We are nothing if not outraged by whatever we can find to cause outrage.

I posted this response on Facebook, but that audience is limited – so I am bringing my outrageous outrage about the outrage over to my blog,
I disagree on a couple of these, not all are “exploiting tragedy for financial gain”

I believe AT&T’s picture was a genuine attempt at paying respects, and I see no reason to believe Expedia was anything but sincere with their tweet (just because they didn’t change their background pic?)

And the Lakers (who I dislike) posting a flashback pic of Kobe (who I despise) may have been clumsy, but I doubt it was cynical.

I agree that 9/11 should never be “just another day”, and Patriot Day is a different Holiday than the highly commercialized ones like Valentines Day, but are we really so highly strung for outrage that we can’t accept that businesses may want to sincerely express their grief, too?

While the others on the list are remarkable in their tone deafness, and would best have been avoided, where is the outrage over Memorial Day sales? Surely a Holiday dedicated to the memory of the hundreds of thousands of men & women who have died in service to this country deserves a high level of respect & decorum, too.

BTW: I found the Esquire falling man picture/headline mess the most offensive because A) it was an unbelievably stupid mistake and B) they were unbelievably cavalier in their response



From 2012, this article rounded up ads that were actually exploitative: These Are The 10 Worst Ads Exploiting The 9/11 Attacks


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