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Remembering 9/11

A site I follow on Facebook just shared this Independent Journal Review story: 8 Advertisements That Exploited the 9/11 Tragedy   If you were online yesterday, you probably saw as many complaints about how others were remembering 9/11 as you saw actual tributes. We are nothing if not outraged by whatever we can find to […]

Upside Down Logic

Just saw this in a comment on YouTube: “[WalMart] contributed greatly to the entitlement mindset that we should all have homes filled with luxury items.” Really? WalMart did that? Makes me wonder what they think of as a “luxury item” ✏

Is That The Right Message

I recently received a campaign mailer from Vernon Parker which features the phrase “President George Bush Trusted Vernon Parker. So Can You.” along with a picture of Parker with Bush, the elder. Several things: Your campaign has spent a great deal of time and ink disparaging Ben Quayle for his connections to the old guard […]

Conflict of Interest?

In the crowded, and ridiculous, CD 3 race here in Arizona… Ben Quayle sent out a campaign mailer featuring adorable little girls. Vernon Parker, or his mouthpiece, went media crazy accusing Quayle of “renting children” to appear to be a family man. It was a ridiculous attack, especially since the girls are his nieces, but […]

Another Reason To Hate Apple

I get comment spam. Everybody gets comment spam. Akismet catches it, it never sees the light of day. There is no reason to spam my blog because your comments all disappear. But, I still end up dealing with them to ensure no real comments get caught incorrectly. Of the comment spam I get, around 90% […]

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