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Say Something Nice About Obama

Posted on | November 5, 2012 | No Comments

Over the weekend, witty Twitter users had fun with a hashtag game, #SaySomethingNiceAboutObama. Since I’m not funny, I amused myself retweeting others. 🙂

I can say something nice, though – Obama’s presidency has brought many of my Conservative friends out of the political closet.

Though I knew how many of them felt, I also knew them to be resistant to exposing themselves. For some it was a simple belief that “you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion”. For most, though, the reason was fear. Certain groups are not “allowed” to vote Republican. Blacks, Gays, college students, actors & artists, women…any member of those special classes risks ostracism or worse should they dare express unapproved views.

In the last 3 years, however, I have watched as many previously silent Republicans took their first steps in the open. Some have blossomed into powerful voices for the Right, realizing that they might inspire others who have been too afraid to speak out.

Heaven forbid a homosexual voter not back Obama, the backlash is swift and brutal (For instance, the radio host who told a gay Romney supporter who called in he should kill himself)

The recent vitriol directed at actress Stacy Dash shows the danger of wandering off the Democrat plantation. I need only glance at the avatars in my “Twitter Righties” list to know that more and more Conservatives of color are willing to risk it. (As of now the #Black4Romney hashtag is a great representation, but I imagine it will be hijacked by race-baiters soon)

And women? Don’t even DARE exercise your “right to choose” at the ballot box – when it comes to politics, you are nothing but #LadyParts.

(And that was one of the milder ones)

Yet, through all the hateful rhetoric, I have seen my young, female, black, Hispanic, Latino, and/or gay friends raise their voices for the Conservative cause.

Even better, I have found new friends across the spectrum of age, education, gender, sexual orientation, melanin production, and religious persuasion. Friends who realize the issues that affect everyone, affect them. Freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, opportunity…those aren’t special interest group concerns, they are American concerns.

And, for those who are shy about voicing their opinions publicly – we still have the beautiful gift of a secret ballot. Make your voice heard, even if you don’t feel like telling anyone about it.


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