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Reagan: The Man

Posted on | August 28, 2010 | No Comments

From the forward to How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life.

Ronald Reagan’s beliefs were as simple, unchanging, and American as the flat plain of the Midwest where he grew up. He placed his faith in a loving God, in the goodness of the country, and in the wisdom of the people. He applied those beliefs to the great challenges of his day. In doing so he became the largest and most magnificent American of the second half of the twentieth century.

If any of my friends see the program, I suppose they’ll take it for granted that I was overstating the case for the cameras. They’ve certainly never heard me talk that way over lunch on the Stanford campus or at dinner parties in Palo Alto, where we always lace our conversation with a knowing dose of cynicism. The odd thing is, I meant every word.

A great book written by an accidental member of Reagan’s administration. Life lessons culled from a man who was larger than life – a man who is still sorely missed. A friend’s recent post on Facebook reminded me how much I enjoyed the book, but since I had given away my last copy I had to buy a new one – went for the Kindle edition this time.

Highly recommend –> How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life


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