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An Open-Minded Leftie

Posted on | September 10, 2010 | 1 Comment

No surprise here, Perez Hilton apparently thinks the Republican party is composed only of mouth-breathers and Cheeto eaters. In reporting (very late, like most of his stories) about Kelsey Grammer’s network, Perez asserts:

Frasier Alum Kelsey Grammer has launched his new station, RightNetwork, which is geared towards republicans.

We find this news inneresting, because Frasier always seemed like it appealed to a more sophisticated audience….and now he’s trying to appeal to republicans! Personally, we’d prefer the sometimes esoteric humor of Frasier Crane.

Ah, yes…it is not possible to be sophisticated or esoteric if you are a Republican.

So says the boy who makes his (very profitable) living drawing penises on pictures of celebrities….

BTW: David Angell, one of the creators of Frasier, was killed, along with his wife, on 9/11.
Perez’s mother, who came to this country from Cuba, is a Republican.

UPDATE: It appears Grammer already addressed Perez about this.


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