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Did Tom Cruise Compare Acting To Combat?

No. No, he didn’t. And you all need to stop posting stories claiming he did. When Tom Cruise said, “It was brutal“, it was in reference to being separated from his daughter. When asked whether he thought the situations were the same [going to war, location shooting], he said, “Oh come on, you know, we’re […]

Didn’t Pay Enough Taxes

Just thought I would take a minute and remind everyone who thinks higher taxes are a necessity, especially those hypocritical rich folks who claim they want their taxes raised while taking all possible action to reduce their actual income tax burden (I’m looking at you Hollywood) You have always had the option of paying more. […]

Obama the Star

It was said after the first debate that it just didn’t seem like Obama wanted to be there. That would be fitting, as it reflects his presidency thus far. In fact, I’ve been wondering why he is even running for reelection. Besides being completely unqualified for the job, he seems completely uninterested in it. For […]

Politics & The Hollywood Bubble

I’m not trying to pick on Ashton Kutcher over an old misstep, but it perfectly illustrates my point. As a reminder, back in early November 2011, Joe Paterno was fired from his position at Penn State following public outrage at his actions (or lack thereof) in the Sandusky child molestation scandal. In reaction to that […]

California Dreaming

Once again, a story about ridiculous government over-reach. Where are all the Hollywood Libs, the Greenies like Ed Begley, to protect these folks? Are we really at a point that we allow the government to drive people out of their homes because they aren’t consuming power generated by the state? Are we really to believe […]

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