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Ghost Season

Today I found myself sucked in to a marathon of the ghostly Discovery Channel show, A Haunting.   Not that I am a believer in ghosts & ghoulies, but I do enjoy things that are creepy – especially this time of year. In watching episode after episode, a couple of things became clear. These hauntings […]

“We’re The Revolution Now”

Bill Whittle recently referred to the Tea Party as the Rebel Alliance – this bit from Coupling seems fitting (Couldn’t get the direct upload to display properly, so trying the version I posted to YouTube again.) [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRthd1gHil4] If you can’t view it here, you may be able to see it over on Google+ ✏

Who Is Clara Oswald?

As long as I am throwing out random conjecture, might as well toss out a random idea about The Doctor’s new companion. What if Clara Oswald is Jenny, AKA The Doctor’s Daughter? Perhaps, being oddly “born” and quickly left as dead, she has no idea of what it means to be a time lord – […]

It’s A Visual Medium

Channeling my inner mean girl for a minute (sorry): I’ve been watching Suburgatory because I knew so much of the cast to be funny in other projects, and have found the lead actress to be adorable. Most of the cast, in fact, is practically perfectly picked. However… The snotty character of Dalia is not. She […]


I was never a fan of any of the boy bands, that includes New Kids on the Block & Back Street Boys. I did become a fan of both Wahlberg brothers when they left music and made their mark as actors. So, though the vocals were pretty mediocre and I don’t understand why they are […]

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