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Is Obama A Keynesian?

Posted on | May 19, 2012 | No Comments

Keynesian, yes. Kenyan (or born in Kenya), no.

I do believe there may be dark, sinister forces at work surrounding Obama’s birth certificate. Emmanuel & Axelrod are certainly tricky enough to release documents that are just off to an extent that gets people’s knickers in a twist. Let’s face it, just as “Truthers” who deny the facts surrounding 9-11 make the Left seem nutty as jaybirds, “Birthers” who fixate on Obama’s eligibilty lend an air of cuckoo to the Right.

However, even the most fervent Birthers are unable to explain how there were contemporaneous accounts of Barack Obama’s birth in the Hawaiian newspapers. Some have attempted to claim that this conspiracy is so deep, and so long-lived, that (rather than just ensuring he was born on US soil) some unknown, powerful force placed a false birth announcement – in 1961.

Well, the latest bombshell discovery should pretty much put an end to that speculation. Suspiciously, his literary agent released publicity pamphlets that claimed Obama was born in Kenya – which should prove he wasn’t.

If Barack Obama was hand selected to be the great savior of the Progressive generation, if his “rise” was so important they would go out of their way to place a false birth announcement, they would certainly have ensured no claim of Kenyan birth was ever made. They certainly would not have allowed it to be published and distributed.*

Therefore, the Acton & Dystel booklet proves Barack Obama is an opportunistic hack. It proves he is not above stretching the truth to give himself a leg up. It proves the media have been woefully lax in vetting Barack Obama in any of his campaigns. And it proves that the Honolulu newspaper reports of little Baby Boy Obama being born are not some time travel trick.

Now, can we please get on to defeating him on his absolutely dismal performance?

* Unless, in the ultimate conspiracy within a conspiracy, Axelrod released the publicity pamphlet now so people like me would use it as proof that Obama is eligible to be POTUS. Geez, those guys are tricky…

BTW – The post title is in reference to this video: “Obama = Keynesian?


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