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“I Lied” *

Posted on | May 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

I hadn’t paid much attention to the Schwarzenegger love child story, other than noting what a creep he is. I am no fan of Arnold or his wife, Maria Shriver.

One of my first thoughts was that the mother must have been planning to come forward, forcing him to make the revelation. However, it was quickly reported that she had been contacted and said her ex-husband was the father. When told Arnold had made the confession, she was apparently genuinely surprised and declined further comment. (So we learned she was married at the time, as well)

Then I was saddened imagining how Maria would feel, knowing this woman had remained in their employ all those years. Wondering if she had even cooed over a baby that turned out to be her husband’s. As little as I care for her, I cringed at the thought and felt for her – what a horrible thing to deal with, how to cushion the trauma to her own children, having the entire world privy to their dirty laundry.

Then CNN released the name of Arnold’s mistress, and a storm of criticism rained down on her as pictures of her and her child flooded the internet. Most of the attacks having to do with her looks, some with her behavior.

In a black & white world I have trouble mustering up any compassion for a woman who would cheat on not just her own husband, but do so with a man she knew to be married, as well. The fact the she knew his wife makes it even more reprehensible. We do, however, have to take into account the non-sexual relationship – there is a reason sexual harassment is a legal minefield.

At this time I see a man in a position of power, with a history of predatory behavior (behavior that was excused & dismissed by most of those who heard about it, including his wife), who impregnated a member of his staff and kept her quiet through his political campaigns, who then decided to ‘confess’ his transgression – apparently without her knowledge or agreement.

So now this woman who played her role and kept her part of their devil’s bargain has been blindsided and thrown to the wolves in the press.

Maria Shriver, who was perhaps selectively blind to her husband’s transgressions, is also now grist for the gossip mill, as are her children who hold no fault whatsoever.

And it seems the only reason for this is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desire to ease his conscience – regardless of how it affected others. Had it been a less selfish act, he would have involved both women and ALL of the children in the decision.

I stand by my original comment – the guy is a creep. Pond scum. And his political ‘leadership’ screwed California. Good riddance – now GO AWAY

* Reference to this Arny scene

(There is a scene in Kindergarten Cop that would have been excellent, but I couldn’t find the soundbite as a separate clip. And it is kind of long for a post title. The line is, “Let’s play a game. It’s called who is your father and what does he do?”)


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  1. Macker
    May 22nd, 2011 @ 8:23 pm

    The proper response is: “Fuck You Asshole…”


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