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Happy Accident

Posted on | June 26, 2013 | No Comments

SandyI needed some sand for a craft project, which seemed a simple enough ingredient. Unfortunately, you generally have to buy a bunch. I tried other things, but nothing looks enough like sand for my taste.

It eventually dawned on me to try pet stores because aquariums use sand. Sort of. They use multi-colored sand you can buy in small amount, or regular sand you can buy in bulk. I certainly don’t need 25 pounds, thankyouverymuch. I went home empty-handed.

Then I remembered lizards..hermit crabs…reptiles…maybe? Yes. Smaller bags, tamer colors. Bingo. Vacillated between a couple of brands and tone combos, but finally decided the premium calcium sand was the right balance of pretty & sandy. I grabbed the bag quickly and paid without much more thought.

Tonight, I finally got to my project and all went well, the sand was p e r f e c t. Joy, I can actually see if my idea works.

I cleaned up my work space and left everything to dry overnight. Then, as I turned off the light and glanced back into the room I noticed something was…glowing. In the dark. On my craft table. I switched on the light to check it out and found that, in my haste, I had grabbed the bag of glowing sand (this is a thing with lizards?)

So, I don’t think it will have a negative effect on my original project, and it could definitely be fun for future ones. As friends & long-time readers know, I love things that go glow in the night. If nothing else, I will certainly enjoy having it around 😀


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