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Getting Currents

I recently treated myself to a new tablet – well, it was a delayed birthday gift from D, just hadn’t found the one I wanted. Until I got my hands on the 2nd generation Nexus 7 – love at first touch. I am so glad I waited, and I am happy to report that Jelly […]

Happy Accident

I needed some sand for a craft project, which seemed a simple enough ingredient. Unfortunately, you generally have to buy a bunch. I tried other things, but nothing looks enough like sand for my taste. It eventually dawned on me to try pet stores because aquariums use sand. Sort of. They use multi-colored sand you […]

The ABCs of Vox

Shamelessly stole this quiz from my great-niece’s Facebook page. Hey, I need blog fodder & I’m not in the mood for heavier stuff right now.   Alphabet Quiz Available = Romantically? No; Employment? Perhaps; Parties? Doesn’t hurt to ask Birthday = July 19th … hey, that’s coming up. Crushing On = Same guy I’ve been […]

Fortune Cookie Encouragement

New and rewarding opportunities will soon develop for you   ✏

Happy Sweet Holidays

Happy National Cocoa Day Just one of the sweet Holidays we celebrate this time of year. Grab yourself a cup of warm, creamy, marshmallow-topped goodness and toast your fellow hot chocolate lovers.   ✏

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