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Storm of Controversy

So, DirecTV is allowing people to cancel their Sunday Ticket subscriptions if they are upset about the anthem protests. Good. If people want to get their money back when the game is changed, they should be allowed that option. I have heard people say that, because of the anthem protests, they are going to order […]

Don’t Cook Your Dog

I had plans today to run by the library and pick up a couple of things I had on hold. I got sidetracked and was just lollygagging in general most of the morning, so went much later than I intended. Thankfully. Because I saved a dog from being cooked. As I was leaving, I glanced […]

Did Tom Cruise Compare Acting To Combat?

No. No, he didn’t. And you all need to stop posting stories claiming he did. When Tom Cruise said, “It was brutal“, it was in reference to being separated from his daughter. When asked whether he thought the situations were the same [going to war, location shooting], he said, “Oh come on, you know, we’re […]

Shutdown Spoon Banging

Riddle me this – even if you believe, against any evidence to the contrary, that the Republicans are 100% responsible for the current shutdown (which, obviously, I don’t) But, if you did assign every tiny possible bit of blame to the Right… How can you not see the vindictive, capricious, random & punitive measures the […]

Remembering 9/11

A site I follow on Facebook just shared this Independent Journal Review story: 8 Advertisements That Exploited the 9/11 Tragedy   If you were online yesterday, you probably saw as many complaints about how others were remembering 9/11 as you saw actual tributes. We are nothing if not outraged by whatever we can find to […]

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