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Chase Bank and The Very Bad, No Good, Unclear Regulation

I am currently undergoing a ridiculous ordeal with Chase Bank. A situation that is so absurd, it should embarrass the entire banking industry. Bear with me as I take you through it, I’m going to give you as many of the steps as possible so you can appreciate the ride for yourselves. (if you want […]

War on Christmas Pageants

I am not a firm believer in the “war on Christmas” meme, but I certainly know there are battles that crop up each year. One such skirmish happened in Missoula, Montana, where a supposed group* of parents demanded that Chief Charlo Elementary School remove all non-secular songs from the Christmas concert. The program shows that […]

AZ Proposition 204 (2012)

Prop 204: Effective June 1, 2013, permanently increases the state sales tax by one cent per dollar for the purpose of funding educational programs, public transportation infrastructure projects, and human services; forbids reductions to current K-12 and university funding levels; and forbids reductions to the current state sales tax base.   It’s the same old […]

Did the Seahawks Win?

Seahawks 14 – Packers 12 Here is an image that represents the debacle in Seattle Monday night. Two referees in close proximity making contradictory calls. This was hardly the only bad (or questionable) call in the game. As D pointed out, that final play shouldn’t even have been a factor. The earlier pass interference call that […]

David Schweikert Frustrations

In my congressional district, AZ’s CD 6, we have the joy of two sitting representatives running against each other. David Schweikert, the elder statesman, has been running (or having run on his behalf) embarrassing, low, whiny attacks. In running such a despicable campaign, Schweikert makes it very difficult to even consider casting my vote his […]

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