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Upside Down Logic

Just saw this in a comment on YouTube: “[WalMart] contributed greatly to the entitlement mindset that we should all have homes filled with luxury items.” Really? WalMart did that? Makes me wonder what they think of as a “luxury item” ✏

Lessons From Tucson

There are many things we could learn from the horrific shooting in Tucson one year ago today. For E.J. Montini, it seems all that resonated with him was “Never let a tragedy go to waste” He should learn that sometimes simple is better, as Congressman Jeff Flake showed us with this statement: On the one-year […]

The Case Against Marriage

Well, not so much against marriage in general – but strongly against government’s involvement in it. Proponents of same-sex marriage claim that all they want is the same endorsement from the state that opposite sex couples get. Perhaps they should consider how negative that impact can be. Taken into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, […]

It’s A Visual Medium

Channeling my inner mean girl for a minute (sorry): I’ve been watching Suburgatory because I knew so much of the cast to be funny in other projects, and have found the lead actress to be adorable. Most of the cast, in fact, is practically perfectly picked. However… The snotty character of Dalia is not. She […]

“Race” for the White House

If you want proof of the racism inherent in the Leftie media, just watch any of the interviews they have done with Herman Cain. This man is running for the highest office in the land, he has a long resume of production & success, he is spelling out a specific plan to fix the economy*, […]

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