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Did Tom Cruise Compare Acting To Combat?

No. No, he didn’t. And you all need to stop posting stories claiming he did. When Tom Cruise said, “It was brutal“, it was in reference to being separated from his daughter. When asked whether he thought the situations were the same [going to war, location shooting], he said, “Oh come on, you know, we’re […]

More Casting Changes

I mentioned my favorite Casting Game movie, Collateral, a few days ago. It is a bit unfair to choose that role, in that movie, because of the lack of parameters – the character of ‘Vincent’ isn’t strictly limited by age, gender, ethnicity…. All you need to do is think of someone who can say “You […]

Casting About

One of my favorite games to play with D is the casting game – take any movie and figure out who would have been better in any of the parts. I always thought I would blog about it, but like many of my clever post ideas®, it just never happened. Then I posted about Brad […]


..overrated. I have to whole-heartedly agree with Rachel, I have never understood the people who say Brad Pitt is a great actor. Well, maybe not wholeheartedly, because I can’t think of a time when I ever found him attractive. I am amazed at how much money people are willing to pay him to suck. I […]

Tom Cruise Is Here To Help

“People are turning to the scientologists for help” “We are the authorities” “You are either in or you’re out!” niiice. It is too bad they don’t have an acting course in their catalog….. UPDATE: Didn’t take them long to take that off – beware the scientologists. Perez has some comments on it, Cynical-c still has […]

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