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Happy Anniversary

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I figured I should pop in for this one. It’s my bloggiversary – I started this bidness 10 years ago today. A decade. That deserves an actual post but…well, I don’t have one. I will just leave you with this If you want to reward me for sticking […]


Covetousness: The desire to have something that belongs to another. “My neighbor has an awesome car. I want my neighbor’s awesome car.” Jealousy: Anger about what belongs to another. “My neighbor has an awesome car. It isn’t fair that my neighbor has such an awesome car. I will never get to have a car that […]

Gratitude Adjustment

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.   ✏

Crowning Gory

I have been seriously considering going the “no shampoo” route lately. However… I am still not entirely convinced this isn’t some elaborate internet hoax that you only get let in on after you walk around with greasy hair for a week. I share my home & bed with a wonderful, sexy, sweet-smelling guy. I can’t […]

Things That Make Me Happy

Normally seeing that business was unable to sustain makes me a bit sad. In this instance, the business that previously occupied this building was Planned Parenthood. Every time I drive past and see that “AVAILABLE” sign, I feel a bit of pleasant satisfaction. They will definitely not be missed in the neighborhood. ✏

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