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Even In Dear Abby

I am pretty sure that there is a reason this father is wanting the whole family to get their DNA tested – perhaps he suspects the truth. He, and the son, are entitled to it. Not that the courts actually care about the facts – but those two will. ✏

In The Media

Paternity fraud covered in Law & Order, in an episode titled “Deadbeat“. A man is found shot, and it turns out he has an outstanding warrant for unpaid child support. Much of the show is dedicated to demonstrating what a bad guy he was and how pathetic it was that the mother had to scrape […]

Listening To Paint Dry

I listen to talk radio, mostly in my car to and from work. Tonight I got in the car to go home and the host promised to talk about “Deadbeat Dads” in the upcoming hour, and specifically a man who sent an email and was upset about Sheriff Joe’s latest round up. You all know […]

The Incentive

Found more proof that the state is intentionally supporting paternity fraud in order to line their pockets. Paternity fraud can no longer be tolerated or funded with federal taxpayer money. When considering the technicalities of paternity fraud, it is a form of repackaged prostitution supported and enforced with the police power of the state. Suggesting […]

Who’s Your Daddy?

It certainly seems that Paternity Fraud is getting it’s time in the spotlight lately. I previously posted about my friend who has been caught in this nightmare. Then there was a breakthrough case that actually awarded the duped dad a refund of child support to be paid by the biological father, though it fell far […]

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