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2012 Ballot Propositions – update

As the vote counts currently stand, will update if anything changes significantly Ballot Number Title Outcome My Vote   114 Crime Victim Protection From Liability For Damages Passed80% ~ 20% YesHere’s why 115 The Judicial Department Failed73%-27% YesHere’s why 116 Property Tax Exemptions Failed56%-44% YesHere’s why 117 Property Tax Assessed Valuation Passed57%-43% NoHere’s why 118 […]

Arizona Minimum Wage

Just a heads up for employers: As of January 1, 2013, the minimum wage in Arizona increases 15 cents per hour. The new minimum hourly rate will be $7.80 (or $4.80 for tipped employees) New Labor Department poster (print and display to remain compliant) ✏

Maricopa County Sheriff

A wise man once said, “I’d vote for a tuna sandwich over Joe Arpaio” I am not quite at that level yet, but pretty close. The problem is, the only opposition Arpaio has faced in the last several elections didn’t rise above the level of soggy fish in comparison. This year, it appears there may […]

Bond Issues

Bonds == Taxes Voting “yes” on bond issue == voting “yes” on higher taxes Bonds are an anachronism used to lull the electorate into affirming more spending. No from me on all bond issues ✏

Washington Elementary District Budget Override

It seems we get this question during every election cycle – and it passes every time. Apparently no one involved with this school district bothers with math. Yet another of those tug-at-your-heartstrings, appeal to your better, charitable, caring nature – for the children. However, it doesn’t seem to matter how much money we give them, […]

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