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Getting Currents

I recently treated myself to a new tablet – well, it was a delayed birthday gift from D, just hadn’t found the one I wanted. Until I got my hands on the 2nd generation Nexus 7 – love at first touch. I am so glad I waited, and I am happy to report that Jelly […]

10 Reasons to Join Google+

Why you should be using Google+. (If you do use Google+, find me at GPlus.to/VoxAZ) You have family and/or friends: Sure, you can stay in touch with email & Facebook. You can call & video chat with Skype, one-on-one. G+ allows you to connect, face-to-face, via Hangouts with up to 10 people at one time. […]

Happy Boy

Just trying out the Microsoft Cliplet app. Having trouble getting the final .gif to upload cleanly anywhere – thought I’d try it here. ✏

Flying Glasses

Just admit it – Google is cool. Cooler even than fan boys think Apple is. And . . . where do I sign up for *my* Google glasses? ✏

Educational Destruction

I have been having a great deal of fun with this book, Unscrewed: Salvage and Reuse Motors, Gears, Switches, and More from Your Old Electronics. Even at my, ahem, advanced age, and even though I “know” how most of these things work, I have found intriguing bits of new info in the explanations. It’s fun […]

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