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Don’t Cook Your Dog

I had plans today to run by the library and pick up a couple of things I had on hold. I got sidetracked and was just lollygagging in general most of the morning, so went much later than I intended. Thankfully. Because I saved a dog from being cooked. As I was leaving, I glanced […]

Washington Elementary District Budget Override

It seems we get this question during every election cycle – and it passes every time. Apparently no one involved with this school district bothers with math. Yet another of those tug-at-your-heartstrings, appeal to your better, charitable, caring nature – for the children. However, it doesn’t seem to matter how much money we give them, […]

AZ State Senator/Representative – District 30

Senator: Meza, Robert (running unopposed) Representative: McCune-Davis, Debbie (running unopposed) Larkin, Jonathan (running unopposed) Nothing really to say here, these three are going to win. Doesn’t matter if no one votes for them. So…there ya’ go. ✏

U.S. Senator – Arizona

Time to move on to the rest of the ballot. The candidates for US Senator present a clear and easy choice. Flake, Jeff Carmona, Richard Victor, Marc Jeff Flake would be the best choice for the job against nearly any opponent. The fact that his opponent is Richard Cormona makes the selection even more obvious. […]

Bible Study & Zoning Boards

I’ve been trying to think of an appropriate parallel for the Phoenix Pastor Jailed for Home Bible Study story. Book club? Fantasy football league? Tupperware sales? None seemed quite right, until… Home schooling All across this country, families have made the choice to educate their children in their own homes. It is a private endeavor, […]

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