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Curiosity Breeds Success

“When kind Dean Barris led the procession back and said, ‘I am pleased to announce,’ she never heard the end of the sentence, for she was convinced that he would only have been pleased had she passed! She ran home happily through the rain to cable Frank, and tried to explain to the children why […]

Away From The Herd

Some of my favorite stories involve an individual who had long regarded themselves a person of the Left, who, when actually challenged (and willing) to think about their positions, realizes they are not – and perhaps never should have been. Such is the case with David Mamet, and the essays in his new book The […]


I was never a fan of any of the boy bands, that includes New Kids on the Block & Back Street Boys. I did become a fan of both Wahlberg brothers when they left music and made their mark as actors. So, though the vocals were pretty mediocre and I don’t understand why they are […]

Who Is John Galt?

Though we won’t actually “meet” John Galt till part 3 of Atlas Shrugged – which it now appears they will have the momentum to produce – his speech is one of the greatest expositions of what is good & right & moral about freedom & this country that was built on it. In the book […]

Limo *Drink*

…it’s the Atlas Shrugged drinking game I went to see this with a group; we had all levels of interest from “never read the book, no familiarity with Rand or Objectivism” to “read the book several times and have passages memorized” I am in the middle of that spectrum, having read the book 20-some years […]

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