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Did Tom Cruise Compare Acting To Combat?

No. No, he didn’t. And you all need to stop posting stories claiming he did. When Tom Cruise said, “It was brutal“, it was in reference to being separated from his daughter. When asked whether he thought the situations were the same [going to war, location shooting], he said, “Oh come on, you know, we’re […]


It’s Christmas time again Merry Christmas wishes to those serving so far away, and the families that are missing them ✏

Happy Veterans Day

UPDATE: Atlas Shrugs’ tribute, Head Bowed. Found the vid at Sister Toldjah, and it seemed appropriate for the day. My brothers were Marines, so those uniforms have a special place in my heart. Lucky Me, dedicated to those who serve “He is the brave, I am the free. Lucky me.” UPDATE: From a Veteran on […]

Oh Say Can You See

Soon after the attacks of 9/11, a friend and I were headed to downtown Phoenix for a concert. As we drove down Central Avenue, a large shadow was cast across the street and a rumble washed over us. We looked up to see a very large jet, flying very low, heading south. It was chilling. […]

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