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Things I Love – 1

I love iced coffee, but even more, I love that D makes it for me every morning. Long ago, when McDonald’s started serving iced coffee, I got hooked. I told D how much I adored it and he figured out how to make it for us at home. It’s cheaper, it’s easier and it is […]

Once a Bimbo, Always a Bimbo

  So a bunch of sluts that allowed themselves to be used and exploited by Tiger Woods . . . are now allowing themselves to be used and exploited by Gloria Allred (I guess, “Once a money-grubbing, fame-whore of a lawyer, always a money-grubbing, fame-whore of a lawyer” fits, too)   โœ

I’m Just Saying…

versus What was he thinking?? And, as all reports show those as women who “got around”, what did he risk exposing his wife to? โœ

For Lori

Because you’ve mentioned that great feeling when a man wraps his arms around you, and every time I hear this song now I think of you. Luke Bryan – “Country Man” “Let me hold you little darling in my big strong arms Can’t get these kind of muscles anywhere but a farm” Mmm, I got […]

Things Men Should Know

According to Esquire Magazine, there are 75 things that all men should be able to do. I think they got some of them wrong, I know they got # 73 incorrect (or incomplete) Based on their list, I would make a decent guy. I still throw like a girl, though. โœ

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