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A Distant Goodbye

One of my Facebook friends died this week. That’s what she was, an online friend. I never met her and only connected with her through mutual friends. The main thing we had in common was the similarity of our last names – then she went and got married and ruined that LOL I know we […]


Covetousness: The desire to have something that belongs to another. “My neighbor has an awesome car. I want my neighbor’s awesome car.” Jealousy: Anger about what belongs to another. “My neighbor has an awesome car. It isn’t fair that my neighbor has such an awesome car. I will never get to have a car that […]

Gratitude Adjustment

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.   โœ

We Are All In This Together

No matter who wins the election today, he will be OUR president. All of us. We are all Americans and I firmly believe we all love our country. Please remember your friends and family are more than their political views. And, please go vote. โœ

Happy Birthday to My Sweetheart

Hope you have a wonderful day – and that the coming year brings many happy surprises. โœ

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