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Happy Anniversary

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I figured I should pop in for this one. It’s my bloggiversary – I started this bidness 10 years ago today. A decade. That deserves an actual post but…well, I don’t have one. I will just leave you with this If you want to reward me for sticking […]

Goodbye to 2012

On our last day of 2012, WordPress sent me a year-end report. It appears some thanks are in order. Thanks to the SandCastle Crew for the linky love, your sidebar gets a lot of action ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to the Exurban League boys for giving me a glance now and then. Your blog (and your Tweets) […]

Limo *Drink*

…it’s the Atlas Shrugged drinking game I went to see this with a group; we had all levels of interest from “never read the book, no familiarity with Rand or Objectivism” to “read the book several times and have passages memorized” I am in the middle of that spectrum, having read the book 20-some years […]

Election Results

#AZright bloggers are live blogging at KFYI studios – http://dollarjoe.com/election2010/ โœ

Let’s Make It A Coffee Date

(Apologies for the very late notice) Last Conservative bloggers meet-up prior to the election – let’s just relax and discuss candidates/initiatives….movies, weather…. Very casual. Again, so sorry for letting this one get away from me. Starbucks; Saturday the 16th, 1 p.m. coffee, pastries, open carry, and (I think) free WiFi. 5557 N 7th St Phoenix, […]

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