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Don’t Cook Your Dog

I had plans today to run by the library and pick up a couple of things I had on hold. I got sidetracked and was just lollygagging in general most of the morning, so went much later than I intended. Thankfully. Because I saved a dog from being cooked. As I was leaving, I glanced […]

Cuteness Break

Just to give my brain a break after the election – CUTE ✏

Happy Boy

Just trying out the Microsoft Cliplet app. Having trouble getting the final .gif to upload cleanly anywhere – thought I’d try it here. ✏

Fences Make Good Neighbors?

I am still looking for more property, which is hard as the inventory is down. So, I occasionally drive past the listed homes to see if it is worth dragging my Realtor out to get a better look. Things to check out; is the building still standing, is the neighborhood scary… Today I looked at […]

28 Things I Love In February, 2012

OK, I only managed 26 this year – but that is still better than 2011 (the camera & upload functions of my old phone had ceased reliable functioning at that point. This year I have a shiny new phone…should have included that as number 27 😉 ) 1. O’Keefe’s, 2. Gift Calendars, 3. Fuzz, 4. […]

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