August 04, 2005

One Sick Puppy

My money pit dog is on her way back to the veterinary hospital with a repeat of last years drama. Her platelet count is 3.

Posted by Vox at August 4, 2005 09:09 AM | animals

Yeah I hear you, mine needs knee surgery now. The things we do for truly unconditional heavenly love, eh?!

Posted by: wickld at August 4, 2005 12:51 PM

Cookie used up her entire lifetime veterinary budget in the first two years of life. :)

I hope your doggie gets better.

Posted by: Stacy at August 4, 2005 02:27 PM

stupid!! :)

Posted by: at August 4, 2005 05:08 PM

Hope your dog gets better! Why is her platelet count so low?

Posted by: yayaempress at August 5, 2005 08:25 AM

She has some sort of auto-immune disorder, at least that's what they told me last year. He says that the fact that it came back is bad news - she may be more resistant to treatment this time.

The thing is, she doesn't seem as sick as she was last year, not even close. Maybe we just caught it earlier. She is, however, pretty good at faking being well - especially as soon as she gets on the vets table. She stops whining or limping or coughing, whatever malady I brought her in for miraculously disappears. Till we leave. I understand children do the same thing.....

Posted by: Vox at August 5, 2005 11:26 AM