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July 10, 2009

Little Bundles of Furry Love

I am loving having a cat around the house lately. It isn't that I don't love the bird, I really do, and she is more friendly and affectionate than I ever thought a bird could possibly be. But...she is still a bird.

There is something about a furry face looking up at you, and listening to his rhythmic purring is such a joy. I have almost always had cats or dogs in the house, usually overlapping a bit so I never felt like I was trying to replace a beloved pet. It finally got to be too hard when I put "the careful dog" to sleep, and so I made the decision that when "the baby dog" went, I was done with pets. And I meant it. That feeling of having your heart ripped out when your lose you little friend is excruciating.

I loved D's cats immediately, of course. I just assumed that they would never be "our" cats for a number of reasons. Already having a bird in-house was a big one. I needn't have worried, they are getting along fine - the cat couldn"t care less about the bird, and the bird is no more skittish than ever.

And now, when I get home, I am greeted by not only the whistling of a cheeky cockatiel, but also the grateful meow of a feline who acts like he really couldn't be happier that I am home. Most nights D is home first, also (yes, he has a fuzzy face, too :-) ) which makes the picture complete.

It's nice to have life around the house again. (even if it isn't always so lively)

UPDATE: I guess those of you who are on Facebook know how I've been feeling about the cat. I've posted enough silly pictures & video.

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May 13, 2009

Dogs of the World

Rachel, having been transported overseas and away from her beloved fur children, has been making do with random pictures of other peoples pooches. All of the posts have been what you expect from RachelLucas, that is, clever and sweet. This particular description, however, really struck a chord with me - I love big dogs and I love her enthusiasm.

And this last beast. MY GOD. We were having dinner on a sidewalk cafe, and he walked by with his owner, and I couldnít help but muttering holy shit! because he was a giant. You canít tell his sheer mass or dog-to-human scale in the picture, but he was at least 135 pounds, maybe more; that collar would fit around most normal-sized womenís waists. But he did not boast, not of his size nor of his charming brindle coat. He just laid down and cooled out, and what are you gonna do about it? Nothing, my friend. Except possibly harness him and have him pull your wagon across the frontier.

In related news, still have my fingers crossed for these two.

The rescue lady is doing a home visit Sunday - hope we all get along.

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June 26, 2008

She Looks So Sweet in the Picture

Well played, Maggie, well played.

Yes, I laughed out loud at this tale of psychotic rodent disembowelment. Not sure if that's just the kind of person I am - or if Rachel's writing is just that funny.

On a side note, my adorable little deaf/blind mutant Aussie was quite a killer when I lived in CA. Deaf and blind didn't stop her from catching and killing the occasional squirrel, and leaving random bits on the deck for us to find.

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May 03, 2008

Eight Belles - R.I.P.

Why I hate horse racing.

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October 16, 2007


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May 11, 2007

Smart Dog

This pooch is pretty smart - but that pool is pretty gross. Sheriff Joe would give them a citation

(Hat Tip to D for the link)

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April 15, 2007

Silly Bird

Sorry for the image quality, I snapped this pic with my phone.

D & I had an anniversary of sorts on the 5th of this month, and he (knowing how much I love getting flowers, and that daisies are my favorites) sent me a beautiful bouquet - in a beautiful daisy vase.

Cut to yesterday when I was cleaning out my bird's cage. I had her settled (I thought) on her play perch in the living room while I was outside scrubbing her habitat. I came back in the house and realized she was nowhere to be seen so I started whistling to her. Fortunately, she seems unable to resist and always answers. After a minute or so of following her chirps I made it to the kitchen where I found her like this, contentedly nestled amongst the blooms. She seemed quite happy to pose for this shot...

BTW: I wish I would have snapped a picture of these flowers earlier. They were really gorgeous when I got them - still pretty good for more than a week later.

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February 05, 2007

Just A Test

UPDATE: I just looked at this on my work computer and it is REALLY dark. It looked fine on my home computer. Is it just my monitor, or is it really dark for you guys, too?

Nothing to see here. I am just testing my new video camera, so I figured I better jump on the bandwagon and put something on YouTube.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my cockatiel.

No, I don't imagine anyone actually cares to see my bird, but it was the only clip I had that I was willing to share with the world. Ya'll know I don't like my picture taken....

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December 15, 2006

RIP, Baby Dog

I had to put my dog to sleep today. She wasn't a baby, she was 13, but that is one of the many names we called her. She was deaf from birth, so I don't think the name thing was very important to her.

When we first got her, and I took her to the vet, he said I should just put her to sleep. He claimed a dog with as many problems as she had would never make a good pet. He was certain that a dog that couldn't see or hear could never bond with her humans. He could not have been more wrong. She was so very sweet, and so very affectionate - just an absolute cuddle bug.

And, deaf and blind though she was, she was the best fetching dog I have ever had. She would chase that ball for hours - I guarantee you would have tired out long before her. Though it has been a while since she played that game, I still left the balls around the house. Every now and then she would pick one up, though she only dropped it and moved on.

She has been uncomfortable, at the least, and possibly even suffering for some time. I have felt bad about her condition, but was unable to make the tough decision to let her go. I just was so afraid that she still felt some joy in her life. The choice was pretty much made for me today.

I can not stress enough the quality of the staff at Apollo Animal Hospital at 51st & Peoria. They were so patient with me, and so sweet and gentle with her. I had the same impression of them when I had to have my other dog put down several years ago. It is a horrible thing to go through and the people who take you through it can make all the difference.

To my friends and family who may be getting ideas - I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER DOG.


I never want to go through this again, and you know I made the decision long ago that she would be my last. If you show up with a dog, it will be going right back with you.


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December 04, 2006


How do you know when keeping your pet alive is just your own selfishness?

She is my sweet little baby, but I can't tell. Sometimes it seems like she is just completely miserable and the pain-killers are ineffective, sometimes it seems like there are still sparks there and she is happy to be with me. I don't know how to decifer the situation; I don't want to prolong her suffering, I don't want to jump the gun.

How does anyone know?

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November 27, 2005

At The Vox Zoo

My bird is becoming more and more dog like every day. First we had the whole snoring thing, now she is starting to heel (the avian version, anyway).

I have a little set up for her on a unit in my home office, I bring her in when I am working and she chatters away at me. However, if I get up and leave the room she tracks me down. Heaven forbid I go in the bathroom or the laundry room - I hear her making the rounds of the house trying to find me, much the same way my dog does when she doesn't know exactly where I am.

If you have a cockatiel show up at your door barking (or snoring), you may want to come check on me - I might be stuck in a well.

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October 16, 2005

Or Is It Memorex?

I have a dog. She snores. A raspy, broken, thoroughly disconcerting kind of a snore.

I have a bird. Since cockatiels are supposed to be able to learn to mimic and vocalize, I have been trying to teach her things. Simple things like a wolf whistle, a "Hello". No luck.

Why do I tell you this? Because last night I heard my dog snoring and got up to pet her so she'd stop, but she wasn't in the room. That's right, I now have a bird that snores like a dog. Sigh

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September 18, 2005

I'll Get You, You Dastardly Humans!

I giggle just thinking about this picture

From this story at Fox News.com

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August 04, 2005

One Sick Puppy

My money pit dog is on her way back to the veterinary hospital with a repeat of last years drama. Her platelet count is 3.

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May 25, 2005

Careful What You Wish For

I have been thinking of getting a bird. I had parakeets when I lived in Florida and I loved them - but I do remember the downside as well. I was even in PetCo the other day, calculating the total cost to get set up - parakeets are pretty cheap. But I reminded myself that they are loud. And messy. And they need a lot of attention or they are not friendly.

I didn't blog my recent avian desires because I have friends and family who read this and I could picture some well intentioned soul showing up with a bird. I've just kept telling myself no, no, no.

Over the weekend my mother found a bird on the table on her front porch. Not a wild sky rat type bird, but a beautiful tame pet type bird. I am amazed that she made it in this area since it is literally crawling in cats. There may be more cats than humans on her block. I am in LOVE with this bird and have been spoiling her and she is spoiling me right back. She is soooo cuddly, and so sweet. Won't let me put her down. I sooo want to keep her, but.....

I know someone is missing her, a bird does not get to be this sweet without a lot of time and attention. Mom asked around the neighborhood, and we have been checking the classified ads - nothing so far. I know the right thing is to find her owner and give her back - they'll be happy to find her, she'll be happy to be in familiar surroundings with people who know her quirks, etc.

But I want her. In this day and age, isn't that what really matters, what I want?

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May 14, 2004

The Energizer Doggy

Just wanted to give you an update on my baby. She is doing much, much better.

When she was so sick a month ago, her platelet count was 39. Two weeks ago it had gotten up to 140. Today...600! Wow!

One of the vet techs at the office also works at the emergency clinic where I took her. He came out and asked to see the "chart for that dog back there" and stood there reading it over and over (quite a feat since her chart is actually more like a novel) then he said "that's a great little dog". He came over an said he was at the clinic the day I brought her in and that he was just so amazed to see her at all, let alone so healthy. He said they were all pulling for her but "just knew" she didn't have a chance. Ha - I guess she showed them  

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers - she needed them, and they helped.

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April 29, 2004

Go Titers!

Well, we got the results of the titer test back and she doesn't have babesia. Hooray!

So it looks like all we are dealing with is the immune problem - prednisone for months.

She is better, though - even back to playing fetch so it is worth whatever it takes. Once again, thank you for your warm thought and kind prayers.

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April 27, 2004

Doggy Update

Well, I got to bring my dog home yesterday - after three hours and two vets offices. She is so much better than Saturday - it is truly amazing. When I took her back to my regular vets office the doctor's eyes nearly bugged out at how perky she is. He admitted that when he saw her Saturday and sent us to the emergency clinic he didn't expect to see her again - she was that far gone.

So, YAY for the emergency clinic and YAY for her stubborn streak.

They are doing a titer test to find out for sure what type of parasite she has in her blood. They still suspect babesia, but won't know for sure till that comes back (probably Friday) She is also on steroids now - and for a long time to come...not sure how I'll swing the extra expense, yet, but I will. Oh, and she is on the chicken and rice diet - she is loving that.

For those of you who missed this post, my dog is an Aussie mix with a genetic disorder that is far too common. When two dogs with the 'merle' coloring (think Lassie but with some salt and pepper thrown in) are bred together it very often results in 'lethal white' pups. Mine was born deaf and with only one eye - and that one barely works. She was dumped at just a few weeks old, I have had her for about 12 years now.

I bring that up because, in her early years, she had several problems and spent a lot of time at the vet. So much that one of the vet techs nick-named her "the money pit". I think she is trying to reclaim her title

Thanks again for all you thoughts and prayers. She is my little angel and I can't stand the thought of her hurting....never want to face losing her.

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April 25, 2004

Puppy Upper

Well, my puppy (who is actually 12 years old, hardly a puppy I guess) seems to be doing a bit better. She has to stay in the hospital at least one more night (thus doubling my credit card debt) but they said she has perked up quite a bit.

If fact, she has perked up enough that I get to visit her so I am on my way. Thanks to those who have expressed their warm wishes, both here and in emails. It really means a lot to know there are caring people out there.

UPDATE: I got to visit with her for quite a while (once they got me in, had to wait for almost an hour) and am very much relieved. I was sure I was going to lose her yesterday, but have much higher hopes today - she was up and around and very happy to see me. Kept trying to get closer and closer to me, crawling in my lap and pushing up against me. Still had very little interest in food and not much at all in her ball (those of you who know her know how serious that is) but compared to yesterday she is like a whole new dog. I should be able to bring her home tomorrow - yay!

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April 24, 2004

Prayers Please

I woke up this morning to find my usually perky dog - my dear, sweet, goofy, wonderful little friend - very listless. She would pick up her head, and drank some water when I brought it to her, but that was it. By the time I got her to the emergency clinic she was not moving at all, just completely limp like a rag doll. The prognosis is guarded, but the Vet was very clear that he didn't have a good feeling about her chances. They have no idea what's wrong yet - but are checking for several possibilities.

baby dog

Please, if you are the type to do that sort of thing, can you say a little prayer for her? Or, if not, just think warm thoughts of her and go play with/pet your own pets. They are just such wonderful little bundles of unconditional love and we sometimes take that for granted.

I'll post when I know more.

UPDATE: After a battery of tests, they still don't know much. Her platelet count is way down (indicating a possible immune function disorder), her red blood count is way down (indicating a blood parasite, suspected to be babesia) and her temperature is way down (that immune disorder thing perhaps).

4/25 12:33 am UPDATE: They have been treating her with steroids and anti-bacterial meds. Kind of tricky because the steroids surpress the immune system (that is the idea and the desired result) which should help get her platelet count back up. Unfortunately, they need to fight the parasite which is, logistically at least, an infection. I just got off the phone with the clinic and they said she did perk up a bit and they managed to get her to eat a little.

That is wonderful news that has allowed me a minute to sit back and think ..... and realize I have no idea how I am going to pay for this, though there never was or will be a question whether I would pay for it. That is why God gave us credit cards, right? Hopefully I will have even better news in the morning.

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October 13, 2003

A Good Cause

A good article about a good cause. My little girl has this mutation, totally deaf and mostly blind - but completely sweet.

If you are looking for a worthly place for your charitable donations, Aussielads is a wonderful choice.

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August 01, 2003

Random Image

I spent the last two weeks puppy-sitting while my sister was in Hawai'i. This is how her puppy (the Doxy) and my dog (the Aussie) spent most of their time.

I'm sure it was nothing but love

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June 26, 2003

Dogs are amazing

This has to be seen with your own eyes, a dog that walks upright on two legs - all the time. Why? Because that's all he's got to work with.

heads up from Eselle

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