May 31, 2004

Memories & Thanks

On this day when we take the time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in preserving our liberty, we realize how small one person's thanks are. And then we see the number of people remembering, and the depth and breadth of that gratitude becomes staggering.

We also pause today to thank those currently in service to our nation, at risk of making that sacrifice - in all branches and capacities.

When Cpl. Jason Dunham was fighting for his life in Iraq, he did not do so alone. First the others in his patrol, many of them wounded also, getting him loaded into a humvee and away from the danger zone. The helicopter pilot who flew him to the make-shift hospital. Then the corpsmen and other personnel that make up a shock-trauma platoon. The Chaplain who conversed with him. And then another helicopter ride, to another hospital. The stateside offficer who had to make the phone call to his family. And on, and on.... We honor Cpl. Dunham this Memorial Day, and thank those who did their part in trying to prevent that sacrifice.

When we think of soldiers, many of us picture the young men and women in their camouflage, loaded down with equipment. We need to also remember the soldiers with stethoscopes, soldiers with clipboards, soldiers with computers, soldiers with wrenches and hammers, soldiers with law books, soldiers with spatulas.......

(image above from Cox & Forkum, click through for their memorial day post which features this image as well as their Memorial Day drawing from last year)

UPDATE: This quote is from Paul Greenberg

You who read these lines in peace, and we who write them in safety behind capacious desks in clean, well-lighted offices, can do so only because, in a thousand places at a thousand times, grimy, terrified, unsure young solders and sailors in the fullness of life were willing to give theirs. If asked what Memorial Day is about, I'd say that's what it's about.

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