October 06, 2003

A New Me

OK, life is good. All day Saturday and Sunday morning I was thinking I would never feel better again - major pity party. Sunday evening the world was a bright and beautiful place. You men may not understand what could possibly make that difference - but I think the women will.

I got a haircut. OK, it was more than that. Because of the stitches I haven't been able to take a shower - and sponge baths only do so much. Washing my hair was nearly impossible, too sore to bend over the sink. So I went to a salon.

In the best of circumstances, having someone wash your hair is an amazing experience. After a week it is beyond description. She was so gentle and gave me an extra scalp massage - heaven. Then she was very gentle and patient during the haircut (a completely different look) - and she styled it all pretty. When I walked out of there I felt like a whole new person and the pain was way in the background. WOW!

So, thanks to Raena at the Regis Salon at Metrocenter for getting me all fixed up.

Posted by Vox at October 6, 2003 02:35 PM | general