July 19, 2005

TUNES - 30

Couldn't think of a theme for the Radio.Blog this week, so decided to just go with songs I like. These are all songs I rated as 4 or 5 stars. Bear in mind, I still have 7,600 songs that I haven't rated at all so this is in no way a comprehensive list.

They are grouped by artist, so you shouldn't get too many jarring changes of genre. There are many different reasons for getting high marks from me; some are just great songs, some are mediocre songs done really well, some have really clever lyrics, some have a great back story.....

There is Bette Midler doing one of my favorite songs and, though it isn't my favorite version, it is a good one. ("I remember you/you're the one who made my dreams come true/a few kisses ago") Remember, this is only songs I have already rated, I didn't go looking for songs I like.

Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit, one of the most heart wrenching songs ever from one of the most haunting voices ever.

Such a sweet love song and another in the same vein.

Blossom Dearie, namesake of the Mayim Bialik character.

A couple by Charlie Parker, a bunch from David Wilcox.

Eva Cassidy is well represented - love her version of What a Wonderful World

Etta James - At Last. What else is there to say?

Holly Cole appears to regularly get high marks from me, but listen to a few and you'll see why. Try Calling You as a starter.

Pete Pancrazi's version of Little Wing. This is a song he does great live - I always requested it and convinced him it would be great on the CD. Unfortunately, when he recorded the CD he did a different arrangement, much more "lounge-y" than the live version. But, even though I am not crazy about this particular recording, it got a high rating because I know what it can sound like. Yeah, I am weird.

It Ain't Necessarily So by Paul Robeson - a great song, an even better voice.

Lots of other great ones - some duplicates if they appear on more than one album and I didn't catch them - enjoy.

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