September 30, 2006

Memorial Ad

I had a long post about why I think this 9/11 Memorial ad is a bad idea - and MT ate it. I hate it when that happens, piece of @$#&!

The gist of it is: This ad being produced by the GOP plays into the hands of those who claim that the whole issue is merely a political ploy devised to exploit the victims of 9/11 to garner votes in November. As I said here:

Remember that it was not brought up by a candidate, but by a blogger..and then another...and another. The fact that the uproar is so close to an election is not designed to garner leverage - the timing was decided by the unveiling of the memorial.

Though I have no problem at all with Munsil taking up this issue as one of his talking points, I think the outrage should span party lines. Making it a GOP commercial diminishes that. I think.

But what do I know.....?

UPDATE: BTW, I think Napolitano could take this up as one of her talking points, as well, if she was a true leader. I will paraphrase what I read elsewhere (if I knew where it came from, I would get the quote right and know where to give credit) "Janet Napolitano could show true statesmanship by telling us in eloquent terms why this memorial will stand the test of time. Or, she could admit there are problems with it that she did not forsee or was not aware of and give us a plan to rectify them."

She isn't doing either. She has gone from praising the memorial at the dedication ceremony, and for a few days after, to denying she had any control/input what-so-ever. I would have much more respect for her if she would stand up and claim it, defending the commission and their choices, or if she claimed responsibility and promised a solution. She has no backbone, no principles, and no sense of responsibility. That makes her an easy target on many issues.

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Which is exactly why we need a new governor and why I'm voting for Len Munsil.

Posted by: Karen of Scottsdale at September 30, 2006 07:37 PM

Excellent points.

Posted by: Joe Baby at October 1, 2006 09:51 AM