August 06, 2006

TUNES - 46

The third CD I received in Lori's CD Exchange was from Scott Gentzen, with the theme of Electric Mayhem. This is a tough one for me, as the whole theme of the CD revolves around a genre I don't particularly like. I have given it a couple of listens, though. I have to say to start with, I find electronica, techno and the like very, very repetitive - I want some melody to go with that beat. Scott did do something, though, that I wish I had the talent or the ear for - created a flow for his playlist. I tried with mine but had no clue so I just gave up - and simply grouped the vices together - lol.
(still working on getting notes on the songs together, bear with me)

The complete songlist:

1) The Weekend Starts - Fatboy Slim
2) Wings of Steel - Collide
3) The Summer Pump - Cagey House
4) Gospel According to Mant - Salmonella Dub
5) Native Sloghter - MetalBoxProducts
6) 1979 (New Originals 1799 Remix)- The Crystal Method
7) Emily - Alice in Videoland - This one has an 80's feel to it, reminds me of The Missing Persons.
8) Water to the Dead - Ego Likeness
9) Sparkle and Shine - Econoline Crush - OK, this reminds me of someting, too, but I can't place it. I know I've probably danced to a very similar tune in my life - and I imagine I got all hot sweaty doing it. ;-)
10) Circles - Lunarclick
11) Devil Thumbs a Ride - The Hunger
12) Below the Soul(E) - 51 Peg
13) Rock Club - Telephone
14) You've Got A Way - Strawberry
15) Ode to My Family - Modwheelmood
16) Staring at the Sun - TV on the Radio
17) Broken in All the Right Places - I am Jen

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