August 31, 2005

Random Crap

I outed myself this month as a serious infovore - I will read anything you put in front of me. My friend JJ is one of my biggest enablers. Along with the standard magazines (Glamour, Cosmo, In Style) she also gives me Star and The Enquirer. These are publications I would never spend money on, I just don't want to put money in the pockets of the type of people who publish that trash. Reading it second hand, though, makes me feel like I am screwing them a little - and it reinforces my conviction to never buy one of them. Not to mention I love the 5 minute crossword puzzles in the back.

In an issue she gave me last week I found a couple of odd items:

  • Regarding the War of the Worlds remake
    Because of recent discoveries of just how benign the real Mars seems to be, Spielberg changed the villains of the new film from Martians to aliens from an unspecified planet
    Uh...because if they were supposed to be martians it might not be believable? Since they are just some random aliens...they might really exist? yeah - whatever.
  • Regarding Britney Spear's apparent decision to give birth here
    How wise is Britney's choice of hospital for her baby's birth? After all, it's a small facility in a small city.
    Yeah, it is one of the premier hospitals in the Western U.S., very near one of the premier children's hospitals in the country, in one of the largest metro areas in the nation. I can see how they would think it is a dangerous choice. BTW: Isn't it St Joe's that so many woman with high risk pregnancies travel to from around the country? If she had any problems at all, she would be right around the corner.

Odd, but not in the magazine, is a commercial I just heard for pondscum a personal injury law firm

At this time of year it is important to remember not to drink and drive.
This time of year? There is a time of year when it really doesn't matter if you drink and drive? Of course, the gist of the ad was "Even if you do drink and drive, we'll keep you from being punished". Perhaps they are just warning you that they are busy this time of year, so it might be hard to get them.

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