January 17, 2005

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

SG had a BBQ for his buddies yesterday; burgers, basketball, beer..and poker.

Lucky for me one of the guys had his kids this weekend, three adorable, sweet, well behaved younguns. We watched movies all day - Garfield, Shrek 3D, Lilo & Stitch, Scooby Doo - none of which I had seen before.

I had fun braiding the girls' hair, jumping on the bed (sorry, SG), dancing every time music came on...we were just generally goofy. The youngest was a real cuddle bug so I got lots of hugs and she kept climbing in my lap - I just hate that. Not.

I have four wonderful nieces, but two are all grown up and off to college, and two live on the other end of the country (OK, an hour away, but still!) so I don't get enough girl time. Besides, those two are at the age where they have definite ideas about their hair and don't need their aunt messing with it. They do still give me lots of good hugs when I see them. Not sure if they would go for the jumping on the bed and dancing like fools....but they used to....sigh.

We also watched Scary Movie 2 [Rated R]. Not my idea, I hadn't ever seen it but figured it was too old for them (2?, 9 and 11 years old) They kept asking to watch that one. Their father said it was fine and that they had already seen it. That movie is awful! Absolutely not a movie I would let kids see. Fortunately, I think all of it was lost on the baby, but the other two sure seemed to get the 'humor'. I would have trouble OK-ing that for teenagers and I am hardly a prude, but I was dumbfounded watching it with those youngsters. I went out and mentioned it again and their dad just laughed about it. And I think he is a good dad, seems like a great dad in fact. Also, like I said, the kids were great - no attitude problems, no whining, no fighting, nothing in 7 hours. I even doubt he is anywhere near in the minority when it comes to letting little ones watch stuff like that.

When did we decide this is what we want for our entertainment, let alone our kids? When did we decide to stop protecting their innocence?

(Yes, M, I know. I know. I am a complex and confusing person)

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