May 23, 2004

RE: Blogs -6

1. Blog confession time: Is there a topic that you shy away from on purpose on your blog? What is that topic, and why?

I try to keep my blog PG-13, and I know that a few members of my family and a couple of friends read it. So there are subjects I won't tackle. If I was sure that my family wasn't reading it, I would have more to say on some subjects; religion, politics, sex..... As a friend said, "I am ready for the world to know, I'm just not ready for my family to know"

2. Define your blog to the world - in six words.

Vox blog, it's spreading like wildflowers.

3. Repeat question from RE: Blogs 1: What is current, most favorite blog tool?

I don't use any blog tools, unless you count Movable Type and SharpReader. I wouldn't be blogging without MT, I'd have a hard time keeping up without RSS and SharpReader... I'll have to say RSS by a nose.

4. RE:Blogs that have captured your attention - - no number limit here - - hand out some link luvinís from your blog to theirs

Just A Girl In The World: You'll notice I've added her to the sidebar. Funny and fresh - she posts often and almost always leaves me smiling (sometimes she gets me riled up). Also intrigued by her other blog, Right Voices, where she recently did a great job of nailing one of the main problems the Left has with debate.

Belmont Club: For their very in depth coverage of the situation in Iraq. Most recently, the wedding party attack and it's implications. They cover reasons why American soldiers would fire at Iraqis in civilian dress, including women and children.

Chasing The Wind: interesting newcomer. Some good stuff so far, like this take on Michael Moore and the Palm d'Or (ooh, that rhymes)
p.s. to Michael @ Chasing the Wind: I mostly like what you're doing there, but that background has got to go.

Uptown Girl: Always. She's fun and she gives girl bloggers a good name. With this post about how uncomfortable it is to be 'included' in another couple's fight, however, she makes me reconsider an earlier post of my own.....

Yale Diva: She proves you can be a girly-girl and still have brains. Her mix of politics & fashion is a real treat. Here she gives us more evidence of the media hypocrites - book ended by posts about men's neckerchiefs (she is against) and straw trucker caps (she is for).

Buzz Machine: This is definitely one I couldn't keep up with if not for RSS - he is prolific, to say the least. His 'conversation' with the radio as he listened to The Next Big Thing is amusing in it's presentation, and irritating in it's content. He also did a great job of presenting the speech Michael Berg gave blaming Bush for his son's murder. You may get stuck on this site for a while, besides his many posts he has quite a group of commenters to keep you busy.

Useful Fools: One of my favorite AZ blogs. Besides his many other insights, he is a Vietnam Veteran with much to say about Kerry. He has information available for the Vietnam Veterans against Kerry demonstration, as well as much commentary on the situation in Iraq.

Zonitics: Last, but by no means least. He is our Arizona blog-father, keeping his eyes on our Copper State community. He is my go to guy for information and analysis on education programs/reforms and the 'revitalization of downtown'. I wish I could rely on RSS for his site. Because he isn't a daily poster, I spend a lot of time checking to see what's new, only to be disappointed. I know there is a way to get a feed from blogspot, but I can't remember what it is - and I am too lazy to track it down.....

Posted by Vox at May 23, 2004 02:43 PM | blogs

Great list-o-links - - I'm going reading now :)

Posted by: Lisa at May 23, 2004 08:47 PM

I'm doing a couple of quickie late night scans and stumble across your mention of "Chasing the Wind'" background.

Thanks for the compliment. The background is on my to-do. Originally I was just going to teach myself Dreamweaver and learn how to do html, and blogging was an accident. I got hooked. :)

Posted by: Michael at May 23, 2004 09:57 PM

Thanks for the linky love, Vox :)

I'm going to surf through your other links and see what your "earlier post"

Posted by: Uptown Girl at May 23, 2004 10:02 PM

I fixed it, then pinged the wrong spot, so solly. I have to do it manually, yet another reason to switch to something besides :/

Posted by: Michael at May 23, 2004 10:18 PM

You wrote "Copper State community," and I thought "Gee, Alice Cooper sure has a lot of respect in this town." :-)

Posted by: Dan at May 24, 2004 01:05 AM

What a picture that put in my head...and just in time for bed, too.

Posted by: Vox at May 24, 2004 01:17 AM

Great list, I'll be here for hours!

Posted by: Giles at May 25, 2004 10:27 PM